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  1. 1. stop masturbating
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  2. 2. Stop stuttering
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  3. 3. stop wasting time
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  4. 4. be more open
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  5. 5. have a meaningful relationship
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  6. 6. stop procrastinating
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stop masturbating (read all 103 entries…)

I decided to read a book about time management in hope that it will heal me from my addictions. I need to stay strong and smile and enjoy the journey.

stop masturbating (read all 103 entries…)
Life continues...

All I can say is that we must keep fighting. It does not matter if you masturbate or watch porn, the only thing which does matter is how hard we try. I believe that one day when we pass on, God will not give a
#$%@ about if we masturbated or did whatever else, he will just look at our effort.
How could it work any other way?

stop masturbating (read all 103 entries…)

I am disgusted by myself, I cannot believe I allowed myself to stumble onto a sick porn site. I did not spend more than 20 seconds on it but the fact that I spent 20 seconds on it disgusts me. The site basically consisted of a movie of a guy torturing a women for sexual and sadistic enjoyment. It is hard to believe that there are sick people out there who spend their time watching stuff like that. What has our world come to? I just wonder how those people treat their wives and children…

Luckily my porn session ended after that exposer. I pray to God that my porn usage will never escalate to something like that.

I have read previously that the average porn-”star” is also treated like dirt. Maybe if I research the kind of stuff that they go through I will be influenced to stop supporting this evil.

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