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learn to sail
There is a nice club

Which would help me learn to sail… Problem is, it’s miles away, and with gas prices so high, I don’t want to take the slice out of my budget to do this at this time… Hmm… maybe I can find a group and carpool… Hmmmm! I went to an intro meeting, and it was very interesting, but… not something I am yet passionate about…

join an investment club
Looking around...

I want to choose wisely, and find a group that I want to spend time with, and who I think has similar views on financial stuff as I… hmmm….

compose my own music
Composing Software?

Anyone have any great ideas on what software to use for composing on a Mac?? I am open to sugguestions… :)

Wear Sunblock

:) You don’t need cancer from this activity… :) So slather on the block goo…. ;)

get a bird (read all 3 entries…)

Some American Singers… Copper would be ideal, but whatever I find I like, I may go with regardless of color… :)

get a bird (read all 3 entries…)
:) One like this...

Cute little African Grey… ;)

Set up my art studio and get busy making art
A room... a spare(!?) room!!

This is what I hope to do once my duplex becomes available… :) To have a room for a studio. I have a friend who has a room in her duplex completely devoted to her harp, and another friend who has a room in her house completely devoted to her cello. Art takes up space, and fills you and your home up. :) I want to be filled…. :)

go organic
--{-@ As much as is possible!

This is an ongoing goal… The choices I make every day reflect my commitment to it, and I think I am doing a great job thus far! :) I should have included “sustainably organic” to the original goal, but oh well, the truth is, local is great too, and sometimes it can be a trade off between local not-certified-per-se and certified mass-produced organic… Sigh! What kinds of choices are these?! :) ;) I’ll take large-farm-produced organic over locally-grown-with-pesticides any day!! :) (altho, I am well aware its not always such a duality…)

write a screenplay
Taking classes...

I begin taking classes this summer on this… I have been encouraged in all quarters to do something like this, and feel really confident that I will be good at it… :) It’s just a matter of actually sitting down to WRITE, and getting caught up in the moment of creation…. :)

have a garden

I’ve ALWAYS had a garden… But the challenge becomes creating a new one when I move… I will be moving soon, and I am VERY excited to get started on my new artistic and creative endeavor….. :) :) ;) How exciting!!!! :) I have a great green thumb… I love grafting and propagating whatever strikes my fancy… :) I love seeing the results – if they are GOOD, even better!!! :)

Add more delicious vegetarian and vegan food to my diet
YAY! Good me, organic balanced me!

:) It takes some research, and vigilance, but it’s very doable… You just have to decide how militant you’re gonna be about it. :) It’s all up to you, and I feel great about how I have done with this, and how I CONTINUE to do with this! :) :) YAY!!!

get CPR certified
Ski/Snowboard etc.

I had to do this to teach skiing, to teach swimming lessons, and to be a ski-patroller (that was more than CPR certified tho). It’s worth it, even if just for peace of mind in your own life outside of whatever activities you are getting certified for. :) Good luck!

Learn to trust again, and trust wisely
Wisely, and carefully...

Yes… I have indeed managed to do this, altho, I do think that by nature, I am cautious, and am so sensitive to all kinds of things that my carefulness in trusting for whatever it is or whomever it is, is quite appropriate, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the things I want to do in my life, and as long as I practice pronoia, as outlined so well on that tag, and gauge my own responses to things, and make sure that I examine my decisions and make wise and healthy choices (is that a lot of things or what?), I feel good about trusting appropriately. :) :)

sharpen my wit

What? Wit? :)

This is ongoing… a life’s work! :)

don't give up
:) Surely, you jest?!

:) Why would I give up, hmmm? ;)
I used to think that my “tendancy” to pursue something with fervour and determination, was something I should watch, something I should be careful with… I spent some time trying to be passive… but it’s just not my style… :) Makes my eyes swell up and my heart get flat if I remain passive on things that I really want… :) SO! my spirt, being as undimmed as it happens to be (!!!), will only allow me to sit back and wait when the active “sitting back and waiting” is part of the plan to actually get what I want, and pursue my dreams… :) Waiting can be active, as can silence be loud… :) I feed my spirit, and I pursue my dreams and goals with my innate energy, and the jealousy of others can initially be daunting, but be undaunted… :) you will prevail, and be careful and thoughtful in all of this… :)

Read more books

:) This is ongoing… I might list some of the books I’ve read lately, just to keep myself aware and on my spot when it comes to this goal. :) To be continued… :)

get my life together
In all...

:) Things are together. :) I am feeling balanced and good. :) My finances are in order, my love life is in order, my activities outside of my normal everyday life are happy and good and satisfying and I just feel like… well, like Life for me right now is So beautiful!!! :) I am in the right place at the right time, and things are going soo well, and ramping up at an appropriate rate! :) I’m so very happy at the moment!!! :) The warm benevolent sun is shining it’s life-giving rays upon myself and my life. :) At last!! :) :-x

save for retirement

I started a while ago, and continue to contribute, and plan on continuing my education on this stuff…. :) Matching funds are Niiiice… ;)

learn to SCUBA dive

First and foremost, I have to collect all the initial accoutrements to learning this… That is, I have already stopped by my local scuba shop several times and become educated by the friendly people there (who have LOTS of experience thankfully) who have let me know what I need. I need a mask, fins and a snorkel. I am going to get a good quality set of these things (not neccessarilly the most expensive, of course) so that they last me a long time. :) For me, that will come to about $300-400, which is something I have to budget for, but is very doable. :) I already know the class I am going to take to learn my pool stuff too… :) Just takes that first purchase of equip, and the initial certification stuff… :) and then I can get really learning and exploring… I can’t wait!!! :)

Buy an investment property
Might happen soon.....

With a little help from some angel investors who I like to call my parents… ;) Property costs are down, and I could easily do owner-occupied. :) YAY!!

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