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How to learn to fire dance
It took me
8 months
It made me

How to do a fire hoop.
It took me
1 day
It made me
Very proud and happy

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learn to fire dance
Hey! I've done it now!

I’m not sure if I can mark this off, since I’ve only done it once, but that’s certainly a start! came to Austin and gave a fire-hooping tutorial. Here I am!

It was so powerful. I felt strong and invincible and sexy and amazing! I can’t wait to do it again, but we are so often in a burn ban that it probably won’t be something I get to do with any regularity.

The hoop was so much heavier than mine and a little bigger, too. I was so scared to drop it, but I managed to float it up and down and chest hoop and even rock a few angles with it.

hula hoop every day
A goal never finished

This feels like one of those ongoing things :] There have been a few days I haven’t hooped in the past five months, and I think all of them have been due to illness. It’s hard to have a bad day while you’re hooping.

feel beautiful without wearing makeup (read all 2 entries…)
It's been almost 9 months

I’ve worn makeup on a few occasions in the past 9 months, but not every day. I have found that my “normal” view of myself has changed—now it’s not odd to see myself without makeup, it’s odd to see me with makeup on. This is good. This feels good. It feels genuine. Normal skin tone doesn’t have to be perfect and even. I’m working on this.

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