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  1. 1. kick guys in their nuts
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  2. 2. live life to the fullest
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Kick someone in the groin
Kick guys in their nuts

This is one of the most exhilarating things a chic can do on a bad hair day or even just after breaking a nail. It can be sheer ecstasy if you can kick a guy’s sack two or even three times!
Girls, we need to actually do it more and threaten less. Just find the nearest geek and stomp your foot into his crotch, sometimes they’ll even thank you for the reality check! I hear it beats meditation. All these guys are playing Ro Sham Bo anyways now a days why can’t us chics get in on the fun? What! Just because we don’t have a pair means we shall not kick one? I think not! Equal rights boys.
And just so you know, I’ll kick you in your nuts soo hard your grandchildren will come out cross eyed! If you can still have kids, that is…


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