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Read all the books in my "must read" pile (read all 4 entries…)

My husband gave me NookColor for my birthday. I have probably read 12 books since I received it in Mid-August. I’ve lost count at this point. I think I need to review my pile list so that I can add some more of these and get this goal finished!

Make my room a place I want to be (read all 4 entries…)

I received a sewing machine for Christmas and have made actual curtains for our room instead of just hanging a sheet up there over the window. (The curtains were made from the fabric of the sheet that was hung up, but they have actual curtain structure and are hanging from the curtain rod instead of thumbtacks now.) I’ve also invested in some scones with little candles on either side of the window and have some little shelves with more candles and a lovely framed photo. I still have some work to do with keeping the dresser clear, but I do clear it off periodically.

Read all the books in my "must read" pile (read all 4 entries…)
Book Club

I’ve been participating in a local book club. So it’s not necessarily from my “must read” pile, but I’ve been reading a whole lot more!

learn to sew
Sewing Machine for Christmas!

I unexpectedly received a sewing machine for Christmas! So far I’ve learned to thread and fill the bobbin, change the needle, sew an apron from a kit, and sew two sets of curtains from an old set of sheets! I’m excited to get some more fabric and thread to learn some more techniques!

Get creative this fall/winter to beat depression/anxiety (read all 6 entries…)
Mantra update

The Mantra has really helped. I am also using journaling to contain my anxiety and things that worry me. Cutting back on the caffeine didn’t hurt either:)

Get creative this fall/winter to beat depression/anxiety (read all 6 entries…)

I am safe. I am calm. I am loved.

control my anxiety. (read all 8 entries…)
Work again.

I need to learn to contain this work anxiety. I can’t keep bringing my work home with me. I think I might start a journal to “keep” my anxious thoughts in. I’ll write them down and then draw a safe box around them so that I can keep them there and not think about them. Then whenever I start to feel anxious about that thought, I will practice reminding myself that it is safely stored away and won’t bother me.

Get creative this fall/winter to beat depression/anxiety (read all 6 entries…)
Reminder for coffee limits.

Here is the reminder:

Get creative this fall/winter to beat depression/anxiety (read all 6 entries…)
The List (a work in progress)

1. needle felting a Nativity.
2. knitting myself a sweater, shawl or large chunky scarf.
3. writing- themes: devotional, working through some things from the past, comedy and fun stuff, work on cat blog again
4. photography
5. drawing: #1 coffee monster as a reminder of coffee limits, cats, cartoons, dinosaurs, animals, study guide for the big test in two years.

Get creative this fall/winter to beat depression/anxiety (read all 6 entries…)
Getting Started: The Plan

1. Remind myself daily why I am taking these steps:

I have control over little decisions in my life that can impact bigger parts of my life.
I love myself and my family.
I am creative and inspiring. (this could use some work)

2. Limit caffeine in†ake:

Destroy coffee reward coupons. (buy 5 get 6th free, etc.)
Make coffee less accessible.
Place reminders in my car and in my calendar of my goals.
Find another comfort beverage. Mint Tea? Pumpkin something? (Ideas are welcome here.)

3. Make a creative list of projects or activities that I want to accomplish.

4. Begin work on The List.

5. Go to bed at a decent time.

Get creative this fall/winter to beat depression/anxiety (read all 6 entries…)
Getting Started: The problem

So every fall/winter I begin to notice patterns of when I start feeling down and jittery. It has started in the past couple of weeks with an increase in my caffeine consumption. I had given caffeine up for Lent and was doing great after Easter with limiting my caffeine intake to 2-3 caffeinated drinks per week. For at least the past two weeks, I have increased this to 1 per day. I’m starting to feel more tired, more jittery and less alert. Complete opposite effect than I wanted. So I’m going to create a plan before this spirals out of control like it has in past years and I end up feeling down most of the time.
Now for the plan…

control my anxiety. (read all 8 entries…)
Work is hard.

I get really anxious about work. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about clients and wondering what I should do next time we meet, etc. I also have dreams about them. I think I need to learn to be more assertive with people too. I would love to go to a seminar on being assertive.

control my anxiety. (read all 8 entries…)
It's nice to be done with school!

The other day I spent 3 hours doing something completely unimportant (a scavenger hunt) on the internet. Something just for me, because I could. I really love that now that I’m finished with school at this point in my life, I have time when I’m not working to just do things that I want to do! I didn’t have to think about assignments or writing papers or reading something. I was able to let go of my work for 3 hours and do something completely trivial:) I think this really helped me have a great weekend with my family and really focus on our time together instead of focusing my energy on dreading having to leave Monday morning for work. It’s nice to let go of things and relax for a little while.

control my anxiety. (read all 8 entries…)
Monday's are the worst

I feel so overwhelmed on Mondays because I know that I have to go back to another week of work with very long hours and very little time with my family. My dream was always to be a stay at home mom, but now I work (A LOT!). The whole working to live thing is probably the biggest stressor in my life. But today, I will go and do what I need to do to feed my family and I will be home by 6:30, ready to enjoy their company. I’m going to try keeping something that I want to do when I get home as the focus of my day. When I start to feel anxious, I will remind myself of that thing and make it about what I am doing everything else for.

control my anxiety. (read all 8 entries…)
Last week was rough

Last week was a really rough week for anxiety. I woke up almost every morning with an instant feeling of panic. I’ve been using the passion flower and it still seems to be helping, but I’m not taking it 3 times everyday, but when I feel like I’m starting to get anxious. Last week I also had a headache that lasted for 6 days, but is finally gone. I’m sure that it was partially because of my stress level. It is finally gone, but I still woke up this morning pretty stressed. I was sitting in church this morning and realized that I simply can’t hang on to this anxiety, and can’t do it on my own. I’m praying for God’s help in this. I need to be able to live my life for my family, myself and for those that I am meant to serve.
Thanks for all the support from everyone in cheers and comments.

control my anxiety. (read all 8 entries…)
Trying something new

My husband saw an episode of Dr. Oz that addressed anxiety and an herbal supplement that is used to treat it. Dr. Oz suggested using Passion Flower drops. I already had a supplement that uses passion flower and I’ve been using to help with Insomnia. But I re-read the label and realized that it can be used from anxiety in a different dose, so I tried it today. I didn’t feel anxious much at all today, and didn’t feel any side-effects. Although, I’m still not sure if it’s a placebo effect or an actual result of the supplement. But for now, I’ll keep trying it.

control my anxiety. (read all 8 entries…)

Today was a decent day for lower anxiety. One thing that helped was that I was out and about actively doing things today (visiting a new church, grocery shopping, working out, spending play time with my son).
Last night I started thinking about patterns that I see in my life around anxiety. Perhaps I need to consider what I feel anxious about and then take some time to figure out what control I do have those areas in order to create a mantra or positive self-talk to use when I am feeling anxious about that area. For example: When I feel anxious about money (or lack there of), I might remind myself that my family has never gone hungry and there are many family and friends that are willing to help out if we really needed it. I’ll have to think more about this.

teach a creative play class
I want to play!

Several years back I taught at Gymboree. I loved it. I taught art, music and baby signs. I really loved teaching this sort of thing.
Now I work as a counselor working with children and their families and am learning play therapy techniques. I would love to create a local play class that incorporates similar kinds of play. I would love to do art projects, music and dance, and play techniques. I love using what I’ve learned to create new and fun things to do with my own son and I want other parents to experience how much fun spending time with their children can be!

control my anxiety. (read all 8 entries…)
I need to take control of this again...

What I feel anxious about today:
one income family
childcare (reliable and paying for it)
medical insurance
death of a loved one
death of a pet
serious illness
my own death and my family dealing with that
my work- losing my job, not doing my job well, my client’s well-being, not getting in enough hours (thus not being able to pay the bills)
not being there for my child and husband
being judged
Student loan payments coming up
buying groceries
getting stressed out
our house being a dirty mess

I have felt anxious most of my life. I can remember in my childhood (as early as age 5 or 6) feeling such a loss of control about the world around me. Sometimes the anxiety is better and sometimes it is worse. I’ve tried medication including Effexor, Zoloft, Klonopin and Paxil. They each had somewhat of a positive effect at least for a little while, but the side effects were almost not worth the benefit. I’m willing to try medication again, but I don’t want to go through the hassle of discovering what side effects new ones will have. I just want to enjoy my free time away from work not worrying about every things and enjoy time with my beautiful family.

find 43 ways to love and pamper myself (read all 5 entries…)

21. New skin care products!
22. Coloring
23. Wordsearch puzzles
24. Massages
25. Spending time playing with my son.

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