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either get over him, or get him back (read all 2 entries…)
I finally did it.

I got over him and then I fell in love with someone who actually loves me back. It is insane how much happier I am compared to when I thought that we would ever work. Kris and I are set to be married on September 3, 2010! And I have never been happier!

Be the person she deserves
she is so amazing

She is the most beautiful person I have ever met in my life and I can’t wait to be the person that she deserves. I just hope I can manage that before she realizes how much better she is than me.

go to Warped Tour
How sweet would that be!

I want to go SO bad.

Get a tattoo

I LOVE my tattoo, and I am going to get at least two more! My tattoo means a lot to me, and if you really want to know, just ask!

stop wondering what people I'm interacting with are thinking about me
I have always done this

I just wish I could live without wondering constantly what people think of me, I think it would free up a lot of space in my brain.

Be a stay at home mom
Daycares scare me

I want to be a stay-at-home mom because I want to be solely responsible for the habits and manners that my children learn early in life, I know that when they get school age that they will go and learn things from other children then, and naturally they will have playmates, but I want to know that I gave them the best moral beginning that I could.

Learn to knit
It would be really cool

I want to learn how to learn how to knit so that I can make my childrens baby clothes!

have children

I have always felt that I was a born mother, everytime I see a child my heart breaks in two and I yearn for the chance to have one (four) of my own, I want three boys and a girl, I want the youngest to be the girl. Of course I already have the father picked out, he is the love of my life!

get married

I would love to have a wedding and get married and all the lovely things that go along with it! I know I have a very romantic notion of marriage, but I can’t help it, I am a true romantic at heart!

show up at the airport with a bag & a passport & take the first flight available.

that would be amazing, I would love to do this, however I wouldn’t know how to do such a thing…

travel with Ren

I want to travel with the Renaissances festival.

either get over him, or get him back (read all 2 entries…)

I am sick of going back and forth, I either want to get him back now, or get him back. I am done.

Be less condescending

people think I am being mean when I am condescending but I don’t mean to be, I just want to learn how not to do this.

learn web design

It is really easy to learn but it does take patience and the right software, but if you need help I would be more than willing to offer assistance.

learn to be content

No matter what situation I am in I just can’t be ok, I am always thinking that there has got to be something more/better, I just want to find that place where I am settled.

stop over analyzing everything

I over think everything and that stops me from doing things that I really want to do, I would like to be free of that.

let go of all resentment

It weighs me down way too much, I just want to be free of all of my resentment so that I can go on and live my life.

read the bible all the way through

I would like to read every word of the bible so that I may understand more about the world of Christianity, and the faith by which they live.

be healthy

I want to be independent of my unhealthy habits. I am almost there, but I still have a lot of work to do.

be truly happy with myself

I want to learn to be really happy with myself everyday, I don’t want to have to be dependent on someone else for my happiness.

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