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Participate in a 9-week fitness challenge (read all 2 entries…)
Great experience

We did the 9-week challenge and I even lost 2.4 pounds. I know..doesn’t seem like much, but my husband lost 43 and that made it worth it. In fact, he lost more than anyone else in the challenge.

Write to Grandma every month (read all 8 entries…)
Grandma has

moved to be close to my parents. My Mom sees her every day when she picks up Grandmas’s dinner from the assisted living kitchen. I feel less worried about her being alone and lonely but I still need to make the effort to communicate. She’ll be 95 next month. Hard to believe and even though she’s a little hard of hearing and doesn’t get around all that well, she’s still the Grandma I always remembered.

Build more self=confidence
Pains me to say it...

but my lack of self-confidence is holding me back. I’m just as capable as the next person but somehow I communicate something different. Or if I do communicate that I’m just as capable as the next person, I feel like I’m lying.

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