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try kickboxing
Kickboxing is awesome

I bought one of those kick boxing bags that is on a stand. I got it at a sporting goods store. You put water or sand in the base and then practice boxing. I got some cheap gloves so I could do punches and jabs, while practicing kick boxing form. Years ago I worked on a film set where they were doing kickboxing and I hung out with the trainers to learn a bit.

Boxing comes naturally to me for some reason and I find it is the most fun workout ever. Go take out your frustrations and you feel great!

Learn proper form though so you don’t hurt yourself,and don’t get carried away as I did and get too sore! LOL My punching/kicking bag is my favorite “toy”. Also do some boxing workouts like jump rope and good core workouts. I didn’t have time to take lessons, but I got a video and it was just as good.

make more friends
Making friends is hard when you work all the time

Being self employed, it’s easy to become a loner. I have all these pets to tend to as well, so my social life is non-existent. Except for online activity and spending time with my husband, I don’t get out or get a chance to make friends. I have about 6 friends that I have not physically seen in 5 years! We keep in touch on the internet but I’d also like to make new acquaintances. 2009 will be the year I try and get out there in public and meet fun people!

spend more time with pets
So many pets so little time

17 pets is a lot. Most are birds but I have dog, cat and horses too. I lost 7 pets so far this year, so 17 is what I have left. I feel horrible not giving them all one on one time, so I’m trying to schedule a special day or time for each. I didn’t plan on having this many but I end up adopting the unwanted ones or difficult ones. I need to stick to a schedule!

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