visit stonehenge
Visit Stonehenge

Just to feel the energy there.

see all of my children suceed in whatever they choose to do in their lives.
My kids are everything.

Duh. Once your first child is born, the entire universe changes for you and you realize why we are here.. we’re here to protect and love and encourage and help our children. Bottom line.

Vote to make Barak Obama our next US President
Even if Mr. Obama has two terms as president, he will not be able to repair our standing in the world.

BUT – he will make important progress and help set the stage for future generations of Americans to be able to stand as world citizens and not targets.

jump off a cliff
see "Cliff Diving" for more details...

Jumping, diving, falling with a little style.. whatever you call it, it is what I love to do. Arkansas at Beaver.. here at Waimea at “the rock”.. I can’t say enough about how you should do this – if you want to – and do it safely. It is one of my top three activities of all time… See Cliff diving” here on 43 things for more info and a web site link about cliff diving and jumping. Aloha! – FlyingO O

Cliff Dive
Cliff diver from Arkansas to Hawaii! More to come!

Cliff diving is my absolute favorite “sport” activity. I began jumping off of small bluffs into lakes in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. My children enjoy the sport as well. My favorite place (so far) is by the dam on Beaver Lake in northwest Arkansas. If you are interested in finding sites where you can try this, please visit this web site: , there you will find US and world-wide locations and directions for cliff diving spots as well as other cliff diving information.

I hope everyone who wants to, gets the opportunity to jump and enjoy the air above water! – FlyingO O



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