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Fall in love

It was wonderful. And terrible. And wonderful.

I want to do it again.

destroy lawn gnomes with an electric guitar
inspired by …

Teen girl rocker’s wish to destroy gnomes with guitar fulfilled:
A schoolgirl dressed up as AC/DC guitarist Angus Young and smashed garden ornaments with a bass guitar

“Paige Jones, who made the request to a charity while recovering from a jaw operation, whacked her way through dozens of the garden ornaments with a bass guitar.

“The 14-year-old, who dressed up as guitarist Angus Young in a school uniform and shorts, admitted she may have been under the influence of anaesthetic when she made the request to Russells Hall Wishing Well charity.”

make more friends
acquaintances and friends

I’m working on upgrading some of my acquaintances to friends. Step one: call these people and get some hanging out arranged. Wheee!

learn to paint
Good to know

Knowing how to paint is a useful tool for an artist. I prefer drawing and printmaking, however. And one should know how to draw well before trying to paint . . . it really helps!

see Willie Nelson live in concert
Willie Nelson concert!

Well, my finger is sprained, my thigh is bruised, my voice is strained, and I have probably suffered permanent hearing loss. It must have been a great concert. Happy birthday to me.

I got to go to the Willie Nelson concert in Casper on Wednesday to celebrate both my father and I’s birthdays. It was fantastic.

The two opening acts, Micky And The Motorcars and Reckless Kelly, were okay, but too loud to really enjoy (even with earplugs). One of them sang a song with a chorus about being on I-80 in Wyoming that the crowd really liked. Many people were restless for Willie to appear, but I liked the Austin groove of both bands as a warm-up for the main event. They were very scheduled, playing for about 50 minutes each with a ten minute break afterwards, which made them seem very professional and respectful of the crowd.

About halfway through Reckless Kelly’s performance, Willie’s tour busses showed up and pulled behind the stage. This statement makes more sense when I tell you that it was an outdoor concert at the fairgrounds in Casper, rather than in an indoor arena or concert hall. This was a bit distracting to the crowd, but the band played on without missing a beat.

The concert started at 7:00 and 2 hours and 10 minutes later the star of the show began his performance. I took out the earplugs from earlier in the evening, happy to sacrifice part of my hearing to Willie.

When they say Willie Nelson & Family, they mean it. Willie was accompanied on stage by his sister Bobbie Nelson and two of his sons. And the other two people playing are the “Family” members he’s been touring with so long that they may as well be family: Paul English and Mickey Raphael.

The set began and ended with Willie Nelson – Whiskey River. Between the beginning and end Willie & Family performed many of his hits, all of which I could sing along with (but didn’t, as I wasn’t the one giving the concert).

Willie sang a new song, I think titled Willie Nelson – Superman or Willie Nelson – I Ain’t Superman, which started out “Too many pain pills / Too much pop / Tryin’ to be something that I’m not, / I ain’t Superman . . .” It’s a fantastic song and I’m looking forward to it being on his next CD.

The main discovery of the evening, however, was Willie’s son Lukas Nelson. He’s young, attractive, and plays and sings amazingly. His guitar playing rivals that of accomplished guitarists much older than him. He seems to take more to blues than country, as that was the style in which he performed his featured songs. I can’t wait to buy his album (I hope that one is in the works).

From where I was sitting, Willie was about as tall as the pad of my thumb. Nonetheless, I enjoyed seeing his-braided-paleness perform live. The energy and fun at the concert was great. Plus, Willie showed up with minimal chemical alteration (rumors have it that he’s showed up stoned or drunk to other concerts). Age or the altitude affected his ability to hold notes for long, but his phrasing and instrumentals made up for it.

I know that this entry is a bit rambling, but it is my recollection written down for myself as well. I hope it was interesting for you as well.

Share my 'music knowledge' with other 'music geeks' as myself
it's all about the Audioscrobbler, baby

At the risk of sounding like a commercial, Audioscrobbler does what you’re interested in, Barak, in a pretty snazzy way. You have a plug-in on your computer that keeps track of what you listen to and pings Audioscrobbler with that info. Then, their servers track what your favorites are, compares them to other people’s favorites, gives you recommendations, and their sister project, , can even play streaming radio of your taste or that of your neighbors.

But, in answer to your request for playlistish things, my Audioscrobbler page . [also has links to other things about my music, such as my iTunes Registry page].

organize my mp3 collection

a great place to start with this is which has software you can download to help you tag your collection correctly, which is the first step.

What I’m doing (it’s a continuing job) is adding style tags to my songs in the comment field in parenthesis like this (tag) so I can create on-the-fly playlists in iTunes.

spend less money
cook more conflicts with spend less

as cooking (and eating) are things which require money and groceries are what I spend the most on besides rent. Mom asked me “What about ramen and mac & cheese” and I said truthfully that you can’t eat that all the time. And if you can’t stockpile food like my mother you can’t hit the sales and stock up. And also, not everyone has a freezer that they could hide a dead body in without chopping it up first. So food costs money and canned soup gets old.

cook more (read all 3 entries…)
portabello mushrooms over angelhair pasta

I cooked portabello mushrooms over angelhair pasta last night. I sauteed thinly sliced pieces of three portabello mushrooms in butter, garlic, pepper, salt, and sage. In the future a little bit of basalmic vinegar would be a good addition.

I served it over angelhair pasta. I thought I’d try the fresh pasta they sell in the refrigerated section. It stuck together and was doughy. In the future I won’t bother.

I also served salad with avacado slices on top. That was served with Newman’s Own Basalmic Vinegar Dressing and Feta Cheese. It was perfect.

I bought strawberries for dessert but we were pretty full and I didn’t feel like washing and cuttting and serving them, but I gave everyone the option of taking a few and eating them as they were (rinsing them if they wanted to).

Over all it was a very nice meal. The changes I would make are just for future reference and are not anything that made the meal less enjoyable.

And of course the company and conversation were great. What I really need are two more chairs and a table cloth.

finish moving into my new apartment
done moving in!

I’m done moving in. I’ve been done moving in, I just wanted to clean up a bit before I declared it to be official. Close enough for government work.

post more pictures to flickr

I just uploaded two pictures to Flickr. I’m having technical difficulties and don’t know if I want to fight with my computer to put up more. Anyway, lookie here.

pay off credit cards
do it on a monthly basis and you even better off!

my mom, a home economist, taught me that I shouldn’t spend money I don’t have. so I pretty much don’t. I’m bad at making impulse purchases, but I still find a way to pay off my full credit card balance each month. that way, I don’t have debt and astronomical interest charges to worry about.

Learn to juggle
a fun little diversion

I had to learn to juggle in elementary and junior high school P.E. It was better than running around the track, and is fun at parties. It’s a useful entertainment skill and is like riding a bicycle: once you learn it, it’s hard to forget.

Give blood

I gave blood, promptly passed out and then got a migraine. it wasn’t a fun experience. do evaluate your own health before you do this, as it wasn’t worth it for me. still, if you’re healthy and not afraid of needles, do it!

get a laptop
useful and cost effective

my laptop was cheaper than buying a computer and monitor. now I can type in bed. yay!

Get a gmail account
gmail - an email account

dude, it’s an email account, not a religion. handy, but not life changing. but, it does cut the spam and isn’t blocked out of hand by service providers like Hotmail sometimes is.

organize my bookmarks (read all 2 entries…)
the new bookmark toy

if Flickr and had a baby it would be Wists .

I’m trying it out — see my page here .

Go skating on a lake

I loved being able to skate on a lake in a local park. The best part was the lumps caused by the algae and the pretty black and green color scheme.

cook more (read all 3 entries…)
Tuna Spaghetti

I made Tuna Spaghetti for dinner last night. It was good. My roommate liked it too. I really need to get my stuff out of the living room so I can set up the dinner table, because we ate off the TV tray I brought to use as an end table. But this is another notch in the “cook more” stick. Next up: stir fry. Yummy!

Read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
British Humor

I really enjoyed them once I realized that the humor was along the lines of Monty Python rather than the typical American humor. Things are supposed to be ridiculous and pointless, that’s why they’re funny. Don’t look for an epic plotline . . . remember that Adams wrote these books a few pages at a time.

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