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  1. 1. learn to drive
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  3. 3. go travelling
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  4. 4. Get better at guitar
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How I did it
How to be myself
It took me
2 years
It made me
happy within

How to learn to love myself
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5 years
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feel loved! :)

How to stop worrying about what other people think
It took me
5 years
It made me
feel free

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learn and practice yoga (read all 5 entries…)
Moving on to next goal - keeping up practice :)

This goal was called ‘learn and practice yoga’. I feel like I am now over the initial stage, having gone to yoga class once a week for over 7 months. I will therefore change my goal to ‘keep practising yoga’ or something similar.

learn and practice yoga (read all 5 entries…)
Six months of yoga :)

I have started to do a few other things as well now; I’m reading more again and I’ve been practicising the guitar again, but I am still sticking religiosly to my once-a-week class. If I can’t go on Tuesday, I’ll go on Friday, and I have not missed a week in ages, except for a couple f times when I was off work with a cold! I think that’s a fair excuse :) apart from that, I still love it and I know I will definitely keep going once a week at least! It’s great, I have really found something I enjoy – I don’t even have to make myself go, I always feel like I really want to keep this up, so it hasn’t ben hard work sticking to this routine. I guess it’s true, when you find a sport that really sits you, you are more likely to keep up the motivation. :)

learn and practice yoga (read all 5 entries…)
New Routine

Went three times a week for two weeks in a row, and felt amazing. Not been so happy in a long time. Then didn’t go at all for a week – had just started a new job, training was stressful, had to help my brother move. Not good.
But now, by Wednesday of this week, I have at least managed one yoga session at home. My goal was to go three times a week. I now want to manage at least twice, and practise three times if I can. There is a yoga class near my workplace which I want to join. Then that would already be one of my sessions, and I could do another one at home ( for free weekly lesson), and there’s still free yoga on weekends near where I live – but only for as long as the summer, and I don’t always manage to get up that early on a weekend ;)

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