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cleaning my room? It's pretty necessary

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lose weight (read all 32 entries…)
Splish Splash slip-up...

Okay, so yesterday night I wrote about how I was going to splish splash today with my friends? Well. I had a competely awful day. NOTHING I ate today was healthy… at all.
B- Starbucks rice crispy marshmallow square
S- Half a cup of Dippin Dot’s Ice cream
L- 1 small serving of curly fries, and 5 popcorn chicken pieces.
S- 3/4 of a funnel cake, half a slice of pizza, and 1 garlic knot
D- WENDYS- UGHHH! A kid’s cheeseburger and half of the fries, and a diet coke. (That even went against my vegetarianism)

Total Calories for the Day: 1,587 calories! Ugh… not just unhealthy, but packed with fat and disgustingness!

Needless to say, I am dissapointed in my lack of self control. I told myself last night that I could just eat ONE unhealthy thing… instead I ate ALL unhealthy things!

Tomorrow will be better! I’m hoping… no. I know it!

xoxo, H.

lose weight (read all 32 entries…)
Depressive eating...

I have been going through a few days of depressive eating. We had a memorial service for my grandma about 3 days ago where we spread her ashes on the beach. It was really hard to say goodbye, and I just ate and ate and ate… does it really matter though? I am getting better with my mood and moral, and I can’t change the past.

I believe, though I didn’t really lose that much, that I am only a pound below my starter weight! That means that once again, I have to lose 6 pounds before school starts. I have definately almost been going for twice my calories consumed goal in the last few days, and I have been living with a constant food baby. (Juno reference, lol)

Today I can barely even remember everything I ate, so I don’t think I will. Tomorrow I need to keep better track of everything, so even if I stuff my face, at least I will know how much.

Tomorrow I am going to Splish Splash with my friends! Yay! The entire day will be spent screaming my lungs out and running around the park… tons of fun! There will be tons of temptation, what with all the booths advertising the fatty foods and junk and the like, but what’s one thing, as long as I am running around frantically :D. As long as I KEEP it at ONE item, not six. The key is moderation, when you are going for high-cal foods.

I hope everyone is doing better than I am!

xoxo, H.

donate 50,000 grains of rice through (read all 5 entries…)
3000 more!

It takes such a long time, but I managed to get 3000 more grains of rice into my total. I set this as my goal until twelve days from now, so I hope I can get it done!

Today I donated 3000 grains of rice, so my grand total would be 5000 grains! I am 1/10 of the way to my goal. It doesn’t seem like much, but I know I can finish this goal by August 1st!

Go to sleep at 10 or earlier every night for a week (read all 8 entries…)
Feeling refreshed!

I have had camp for the last week, so I have needed to get up early. Luckily, I managed! I went to sleep at maybe 9:30 each night, and was asleep by 10! I managed to wake up at 7 oclock every morning, which is super difficult for me! This is worth it, definately!

Learn how to remember peoples' names
Hopeful Hope!

What I do to remember, is I look at their face, and find one feature that fits them and their name. Such as you meet… Marissa! Look at her face and, let’s say she has wild, crazy hair? Mangy Haired Marissa. Don’t tell them the names, haha.

Also, if you are having a conversation, repeat their names several times. Say “Well, hello Marissa, it’s nice to meet you… Marissa, say, did you hear about that soccer game? Blah blah blah, Nice talking to you, Marissa! I hope to meet you again!”
Your brain will attach her face and her mangy hair to the name Marissa.

It works every time for me! Good luck guys, I hope it helped!

xoxo, H.

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 5 entries…)
21-30... things that cause a chuckle.

21) Running through sprinklers on a hot day.

22) Flirting with an older guy… and finding he’s flirting back (hehe, naughty, naughty me…)

23) Winning a softball game you certainly knew you would lose.

24) Suspense… a completely excited, scared feeling.

25) The first day of school… new textbooks, pencils, backpacks; everything is fresh.

26) Jumping into a crisp, cold pool and lying at the bottom until your breath runs out.

27) Saving money, as in not spending anything, and living with what you have… the other side, however, makes me happy too… Spending money! So confusing… (does that count as money making me happy? I hope not)

28) Putting a rude person in their place.

29) Ballet flats… so comfortable.

30) Wind. Wind in my hair, wind at my window, wind at the ocean. All wind is your friend :).

I’ll write back later with more guys!

xoxo, H.

plant a garden (read all 3 entries…)

I was clearing out my garden, when I saw that I had 4 different sections, 3 of which are not in good use for a garden. Lets call them, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Section 4 is where I use for my garden, and 3 is for my dad’s compost. However, section 1 gets the most sunlight, and has a perfect water source. So I started to clean it out. My dad had a pile of wood, and a wooden platform covering the entire thing, so I decided to move it.

Underneath, I found a layer of leaves, and up came what but a few hornets, which were madly buzzing around. This may have just been a coincidence, but I believe that there is a hornets nest located underneath the leaves! This not only doesn’t give me access to section 1, but it cuts off all of the other sections for use as well!

Does anyone have any tips or comments on how to get rid of this nest! Or is it even a nest?! I would love some help, because I am simply lost.

Thanks guys!

lose weight (read all 32 entries…)

So earlier tonight, I was heading over to my friends house so that we could watch Secret Life of An American Teenager (best show everrr!) and on the way over on my bike, I was going down a hill. I was completely loving the feeling- wind in my hair, salty bay smell nearby (she lives by the water).

I stupidly tried to speed up, and suddenly my foot slipped off the pedal, and my toe scraped against the ground, going maybe 20 mph. OW!!!! It was bleeding bloody hell and it was just awful! The top part of my big toe is almost OFF! OW!!!! I don’t know how I am going to do camp tomorrow, because it really just hurts like a bitch. Ouch ouch ouch… I would show you guys a picture, but I don’t want to make the squeamish frightened. Cuz it really frightened me. From a medical stand-point, it is pretty cool though. :).

Anyway, while I was at her house, I ate a snack pack of Dibs and about half a cup of white cheddar cheese popcorn. I had my foot propped up with ice, but it still really hurts! Ugh. I really hope this doesn’t ruin my week at camp… that’s what we do. Play softball. You can’t do that with a stump toe! (I’m exaggerating with the stump part, but it does hurt!)

Well, I’ll write to you tomorrow morning to tell you how its doing! See you later guys!

xoxo, H.

lose weight (read all 32 entries…)
I'm baaack.

Hi guys. I’m back faster than I thought I would be. My situation is much better now than it was about 5 days ago. It seems like ages since I last wrote, but it was only thursday. My friends and everyone on 43things have been so supportive and kind to me. I don’t know where I would be without them <3.

The problem is, while I have been gone, I have been eating junk like a pig, and not really caring what I ate. Problem. I gained about 3 pounds in 5 days, putting me, once again, 5 pounds away from my goal. Poop. Yesterday I started softball camp though, and we do softball-type activities for about 5 hours a day, which according to the daily plate, burns 1,191 calories! It kind of makes up for the awful eating I have been doing, because I have camp for the next 2 weeks. Fun!

Today I Ate a Ton!
B: 100 calorie pack of cookies ( I found it in my friends bag :D)
L: A green salad with a light italian dressing, a Kid’s Mix from quaker, a few bites of peach, and a water bottle.
S: (This is where I was so awful) a bag of sour patch watermelon, two 8-inch churros, and some brownie. Later I ate 4 chocolate chip cookies as well!
D: Half a slice of pizza.

Today’s total came out to be: 1,596 calories, according to the Daily Plate . com (A new site that I am using that I positively ADORE! Anyone looking for a good weight tracking site, go here, its amazing!)

But I burned a ton of calories with camp, from sweating in the sun and doing drills, so I guess its okay with the awful day. But I want to be down to my target weight by the end of the summer! Tomorrow I will plan out my meals, as to avoid overeating.

See you guys later!

xoxo, H.

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 5 entries…)
11-20... odd things that make me smile!

11. Jasmine,my beautiful golden retriever (seen above)... when she looks at me as if I can do no wrong. It makes me think about how often I do.

12. Being with my entire family on the beach

13. Going to the ocean and seeing how everything is exactly the same as how you left it; even if everything else is changing.

14. Belting out the words to your favorite song, as loud as you can, without caring that people can probably hear you.

15. Heath Ledger, watching all of his movies (xoxo forever Heath!!!)

16. Having a huge movie day with all of my friends, where we do nothing but sit on our butts, eat junk food, and watch.

17. Staying up late into the night and talking about everything and nothing at the same time.

18. Getting a brand new outfit and feeling completely invincible and confident.

19. Doing backflips and front flips on the trampoline… specifically the feeling of weightlessness and giddy joy immediately after.

20. Doing things you are absolutely terrified of doing, but you go ahead with them anyway!

Thanks for the comments guys! 1-10 were so much fun to think of. These are in no particular order, in case anyone was wondering. There were a few that slipped my mind, but I am sure that I will get them down later.

Floss Every Day
Reach flosser things...

I usually have some Flosser things… almost like little tools that are amazing at getting in between the teeth. I think I may have some in my bathroom… I am not even sure… If I don’t have any, then I will have to go get some. They are flosser tools and make flossing so much easier. After that, once I floss once a day for a month, I will consider this goal as complete!

Right now I brush my teeth twice a day, as per recommendation, but do not floss often. The dentist says this very, very important, so I should follow his advice and floss!

Does anyone know what time of day is the best to floss? Right when you wake up, when you go to sleep? Both?
Please comment if you know!

Thanks guys, I’ll write back once I get some flossers!

xoxo, H.

steal a street sign
Street Construction

My town was doing a bit of a re-vamp, so they decided to throw out all of the Street Name Signs and Stop signs so that they could be replaced. I saw the sign for my intersection lying next to my house, waiting for pick-up… this has always been one of my goals… so I /might/ have run over and grabbed the street sign, which is now residing in my garden. They were throwing it out anyway, right? It’s not like I am using it to… I don’t know… disrupt and confuse traffic or something :D…

Definitely worth it. It is one of the best decorations in my garden. It has ivy winding up it and it just looks awesome!

xoxo, H.

Get a new laptop
Mac is certainly the best!

I just recently purchased a brand new Mac laptop, and it is certainly the most amazing laptop I have had in a while. I adore it, and I say that the MacBook is worth every single penny! A great buy… if any of you buy one and need help getting it started, I consider myself an expert, so just contact me with questions! :D

donate 50,000 grains of rice through (read all 5 entries…)
50,000 for a good cause! is an amazing website that teaches you vocabulary and donates rice to people in poverty! What an amazing concept. I found out about this amazing program at school, where my english teacher offered us extra points every time we donated 1000 grains of rice.

Right now, from the point where I started this goal, I have donated 2000 grains of rice, making my count: 2000 grains total.

I’ll write back when I have more!

xoxo, H.

watch napoleon dynamite
So funny!

This movie may be a bit stupid and pointless, but the main thing they try to portray is: Be Yourself, no matter who you are and what other people think of you. Never care what others think. It’s a good motto to live by, and I try to do just that! This movie is definitely worth a watch!

buy a mini trampoline
So much fun!

I do adore my little trampoline. It’s adorable and so much fun to jump up and down on. Such good exercise, and mine was only $30. Yeah! And I love mine so much, I bout a 20 foot trampoline to match.

xoxo, H.

read every book I own (read all 5 entries…)
So closeee!

I am almost finished with Mythology for school, and I am starting on Siddartha. These books are like torture, like someone said, but unfortunately I have to read them as required reading for school. Joy… Well it will be over soon enough! I just wish I could get out of this reading slump… all it takes is a little willpower!

get a tan

I didn’t lay out in the sun, as that seems to me the recipe for skin cancer, but instead I went to the beach and just swam in the waves, and by the end of the day, perfect sunkissed skin! I got a few freckles on my face though, the awful side effect… but overall, worth it.

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 5 entries…)
100 things? 1 - 10.

100 things seems like a ton, but there has to be at least that many things… I know that I inexplicably feel happy, due to random causes, so there are probably a ton.

1) The way a cat/kitten can curl up and fit perfectly in your arms.

2) Jumping into a pool with clothes on.

3) Firecracker popsicles…

4)The smell of summer.

5) Kissing the perfect boy.

6) Fresh cut grass

7) The Smell of gasoline

8) Jumping on my trampoline in a thunderstorm

9) Dancing in the pouring rain.

10) Running with my dog… when I am not out of breath.

fast for 24 hours (read all 4 entries…)

Though I have found that Buddhism is not for me, I have found that fasting is a way to rid your body of toxins, though, I was mainly hungry all day, I felt energized, strangely, I was completely productive. The next day I did not gorge myself like I thought I would, I just ate normally, but I felt amazing. I recommend it, but wouldn’t do it again.

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