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cleaning my room? It's pretty necessary

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Become a vegetarian

After reading and seeing so much information about the slaughterhouse industry, I am thoroughly disgusted and repulsed by that entire industry. Every animal deserves the right to a full, happy life; and if not that, than at least a humane death.

These animals are slaughtered by the thousands every single say, with the footage I have seen on chickens being enough to make me physically ill, and yet people, not excluding myself, were so willing to walk into McDonalds and order that same chicken. Ugh.

I will take this one step at a time. First, I will be a vegetarian, no meat. And when I am ready, I will become a vegan, and save what animals I can from pain and suffering.

go to the beach
Nothing like...

There is nothing like the feeling of sand on your legs and smelling the salt in the air. The beach is one of my favorite places to go, no matter where it is. Every beach I go to is a haven. I definitely recommend, if you have not, going. You will never want to leave.

whiten my teeth
2nd time!

I have done this previously, but it has been 9 months, and as the box says, I am losing the effects. I got so many compliments on my smile, and I would love to get those again!

I’ll go to my favorite bargain store, Target, and pick up myself a box of Crest White Strips, as they are the best!

Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's
My new favorite!

I absolutely adore this movie. It is so classic and beautiful. Audrey Hephburn is the most talented actress I have seen in a long time. She is excellent as Holly Golightly. The film makes me smile the entire time I have watch it. I won’t give away the ending, but I must tell you, this film is a MUST SEE.

xoxo, H.

lose weight (read all 32 entries…)
Goal on hold...

This morning I got some news that has prompted me to put this goal on hold…. at about 7:30 I found out that my grandmother had passed away about 20 minutes previously.
This is incredibly saddening news that I should have been prepared for… but how can you be? She has had three strokes in the last month, and she was suffering immensely. She is in a happier and better place right now.

I’m sorry guys. I don’t know how long I will not write, but I just can’t deal with something small and trivial like losing weight when I have lost something much more important…

Kelly Welsh: (1937-2008) You will always be remembered, loved, and missed.

Sorry for the depressingness guys…

jump in a puddle (read all 2 entries…)
Worth it!

It was early this morning, and it started to rain. I looked outside and jumped up from my chair, dashed outside, and was dancing and jumping in puddles for a good hour before my sister called me inside.

I definitely recommend this. I felt like a six year old, but it was so worth it. It was a ton of fun.

xoxo, H.

skinny night
Skinny dipping, night and day!

I did this at night at the beach, and it was such fun! We had a flashlight, but we mostly turned it off and ran through the water. During the day it was so much more daring. It may have been foggy, but we were pretty sure there were people on the beach, so we went really far out. It was tons of fun. If you are looking for a completely carefree time, then do this; go skinny dipping!

lose weight (read all 32 entries…)
Food poisoning?

Ughhh… I told you last night that I ate some strips of steak that we cooked at our table? Well the majority of today was spent in the bathroom, moaning and groaning and cursing Toku for life. Food poisoning is the best guess, because my other friends at the party had it too.

I tried to eat today, but I just couldn’t keep anything down… I stuck to liquids mostly, I didn’t want to get dehydrated. I called my friends, and they to have been vomiting all day. The girl who threw the party says she feels really bad and she thinks we might have undercooked the meat. Can’t even bother counting calories when there is nothing to count. I feel nauseous still, but I am getting my energy back at least.

I’m hoping that by tomorrow I will have gotten this stupid steak out of my system.


xoxo, H.

plant a garden (read all 3 entries…)
Completed step 1 and 2.

I took the better part of yesterday afternoon weeding out my garden and turning over the soil. I now have nice fresh brown earth to plant in. I wish I had taken a before picture, because it was ridiculous out there. It took me two hours just to dig up the weeds, and another hour to turn over the soil and rake it through.

I also re-established the boundaries to my garden, and cleared out a pathway throughout, so that I can walk without squishing plants. I covered the pathway with bricks and stones, and made boundaries with wood to each section of the garden. I made an entire section for my dad’s compost heap, which has yielded amazing rich brown soil AND some potato and pumpkin plants! He threw a few of the pumpkin seeds and lo and behold, pumpkin vines!

When I finish planting the seeds, I am going to throw a layer of that rich soil on top of them as top-soil. My dad recently did that with some old strawberries. He took about a carton and covered them with the rich soil. It was only a few days ago, but I am hoping it might turn into some strawberries.

Today I spent most of the day sick as a dog, but I got to thinking and researching which plants I want in my garden, and I came down to a few with a short time till maturity (around 2-3 months) and late planting times.
1. Cucumbers
2. pole beans
3. peas
4. tomatoes
5. carrots

and maybe some herbs for cooking, like basil, rosemary, mint, oregano, those types of things, because I would love some fresh herbs while I am attempting to cook, hehe.

Tomorrow I am off to the store to figure out which plants I can get a hold of.

xoxo, H.

Take a CPR class
Great for...

This would be completely great for baby sitting! It looks great on a resume that you know how to save a person. I am going to look into classes at the my counties Red Cross Unit.

jump in a puddle (read all 2 entries…)
Next time.

Next time it rains I will go outside and just frolic (great word!) and jump in the puddles. I haven’t done this in years. And sometimes it just feels good to jump in a puddle. Hehe.

Go to sleep at 10 or earlier every night for a week (read all 8 entries…)
I have set...

I have set this as my challenge. If I do not complete this goal by a certain date, then I can’t buy anything for 2 weeks! As a shopaholic, this is virtually impossible for me to do, so I HAVE to do this goal. It’s one am right now, so tonight is out, but tomorrow night is the night, I am positive!!!

xoxo, H.

fast for 24 hours (read all 4 entries…)
I have been...

Looking up some things about the Buddhist religion. It is interesting how they will use fasting as “a method of purification”.

Some Theravadin and Tendai Buddhist monks fast as a means of freeing the mind. Some Tibetan Buddhist monks fast to aid yogic feats, like generating inner heat. I am interested in the belief that fasting, even for a day, will allow you to become closer to God.

Depending on the Buddhist tradition, fasting usually means abstaining from solid food, with some liquids permitted.

I have been exploring with different religions, trying to find which one is right for me, and I am willing to try this one out. I have found some work, and some don’t. (Some more than others: I am definately NOT set to be a quaker… I can not sit still for a moment).

I am hoping that trying this out will give me a sense of what a very important part of the religion feels like.

No solid foods for 24 hours. Going from 11 o’clock tonight, to 11 o clock tomorrow.

xoxo, H.

be able to run the mile under 10 minutes
Just to check...

I do believe that I can do this. Not recently though. I will have to go down to my school’s track and time myself, to see how fast I really can do it if I push myself. I want to try this out within the next week.

xoxo, H.

lose weight (read all 32 entries…)
Bad day... comparatively

Today was a bad day compared to the good days I had been having previously. I didn’t do any cardio… at all, and I only did 25 crunches today.

Today I also ate a TON of food. I was doing fine until I went out to dinner and a movie for my friend’s Birthday. We went to Toku, an amazing Japanese restaurant where I always eat, so I knew what I liked on the menu, which made it almost worse to eat.

B: A bagel, and diet peach ice tea
L: 11 almonds, 8 triscuits, 3 grapes, and a piece of sour dough bread
D: edamame beans, two bottles of 8 oz sprites, 4 strips of thin steak (we cooked it ourselves at the table… so cool!), and the bun off of one mini-hamburger, I also ate about a cup of vegetable and chicken soup ( I mostly had broth).
Dessert: 46 sweet tart chews ( they are really small; on e serving is 23 of them, and that is 50 calories), 3 watermellon sour patch, and 1 starburst.

The total for the day is 1272 calories, which is 372 over my goal. Today might have been a special occasion, but that is the point of dieting. It’s not just for when you feel like, it is almost a life-style choice (though not quite that drastic). You have to be dedicated 24/7. My extra calories combined with the fact that I didn’t really workout much today makes this a bad day. This is combined with the no real workout from yesterday, and the over goal calories from yesterday… not good. Not completely awful though. I may be being a bit harsh, hehe.

Well, tomorrow is a new day.

xoxo, H.

Eat less junk food (read all 4 entries…)
Realized something...

I was at the movies today for a friends party, and I realized why I have been avoiding candy and junk food… even if it’s low in calories… it’s SO GOOD… Today I had a starburst, a few watermellon sour patch, and a handful of sweet tart chews. And though those are mostly low in calories, I don’t want to desensitize myself to good, wholesome natural foods.

Today I also had about 16 oz’s of sprite, simply because the bottles were so cool! (They were the old glass bottles… so awesome).

So, really I would say that this goal is really difficult for me, considering the life-style that I have… when I walk to town with friends, all we can do is eat… there is nothing really entertaining or fun for us to do. Hopefully I can figure out some alternatives.

xoxo, H.

do the splits
Such a cool thing...

It always amazes me when someone is able to do a split. I just think its awesome. I used to be able to do one, I think, but that was when I was young and limber. Now my legs are so much longer and its… well, hard to do!

To be able to do this, I will need to stretch every single night and morning and practice doing a split for about 3 minutes. (Pushing myself as far into a split as I can until it is painful).

This should be fun.

xoxo, H.

clean my room and keep it clean (read all 8 entries…)
I would...

I would mark this goal as done… it is almost always very clean. But my room still feels… not completely perfect. This goal will be done once I am finished redecorating and everything is perfect and organized.

xoxo, H.

wake up when my alarm clock goes off (read all 2 entries…)
Today before...

Today I was unfortunately woken before my alarm, thanks to my noisy family, getting ready for camp. I set my alarm for 9:20, but I was woken at about 8… tonight I still can’t fall asleep earlier… darn. Tomorrow I am setting it for 8:30, so I can help them get ready for camp… Might as well. Hehe.

Hopefully I’ll find the strength to do this…
xoxo, H.

Use all of my "cheers" every day
Good, but...

I won’t NECESSARILY do this every day. I don’t want to just give away cheers if I am tight on time. I do think that cheers are something that should go to a post that deserves them, but if a post is really inspirational or particularly true for me, then I will give a cheer, more than I did previously :-).

xoxo, H.

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