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cleaning my room? It's pretty necessary

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lose weight (read all 32 entries…)
Been a while...

Its been about two weeks since I last wrote. It hasnt been amazing, as I lost virtually no weight, but I have been /trying/ to make healthier choices with my food, but so far, no luck. I read in a magazine that keeping a food journal can keep you healthy and decide if you are eating too much while on a diet, so I am thinking about starting one.

I’m just a bit upset and discouraged with myself. I haven’t been doing what I wanted to do with this opportunity. I wanted to lose 5 pounds,a small goal weight, so I can look awesome at the beach, turn heads and all that. But bikini season is soon; and all I am doing is sitting around on my ass! I ripped a workout plan out of 17 magazine and stuck it on my bulliten board, but I haven’t done the routine once.

My friend once told me that all eating and living healthy takes is that one, first, bold step, and you will fall into place from there. But when am I going to take that step? Can I even take it? What if I fall… ugh I’m rambleing to myself… anyway; I am going to try that routine from seventeen and see if its garbage or not.

I’ve also asked my mother if we can go shopping and fill the house with healthy foods, such as vegetables and non-fatty snacks, that I can munch on without feeling like a pig, and she told me to make a list. I have most of the vegetables, but I cant think of any snacks that are healthy… does anyone have any ideas? Respond to this if you do. I am a sucker for a good snackfood, but I hate eating them, as the guilt always gets to me.

Well, this was a ridiculously long message! I guess I’m getting caught up from all that time gone… or I am just a huge rambler that cannot be stopped. Either one. Hehe. I’ll write again tomorrow to tell you guys how it’s going!

fast for 24 hours (read all 4 entries…)
24 hours, starting at 9 oclock tonight!

I don’t really have a reason for doing this, though I do want to lose weight, I definately don’t want to become anorexic. I just want to see what effects this has on my body and my mentality. I think I may crack tomorrow though. I don’t know if I can handle it, but I sure as hell will try.

The reason I thought of this was that: tonight I ate a huge dinner, and am feeling really guilty. Maybe fasting will give me a different perspective on food? It’s only for 24 hours. How bad can it be? I’ll give you updates as often as I can tomorrow.

Save money (read all 6 entries…)
Been saving well....

Okay, so my weekly income is about forty dollars a week. (20 for allowance, 20 for lunch.) I’ve been saving all forty by borrowing from people for like snacks, and well… “borrowing” my lunch from the school? Ughh. I’m an awful person… but my parents pay like $50,000 dollars a year for me to go there, so I think I deserve a two dollar wrap! Whatever. Already, I have about $500 saved up, and I am going to start a bank account, where I will actually receive intrest and stuff… YEAH!

do my homework (read all 4 entries…)
Been Doing Great!

I wouldn’t say that I have completed this, because there are still somethings that I get done in school, rather than the night before, but I AM actually doing my homework myself, rather than copying it from other people. What really gets me through it when I am doing the work is telling myself that I enjoy it… that the work is fun. I know, sounds stupid, but if you say it often enough, you actually start to believe it! :-) hehe.

lose weight (read all 32 entries…)
So close to giving up :(

I forgot to write one day, about a week ago, so the next day, naturally, I forgot to write again. Soon enough, I was getting back to my bad old habits. Eating fatty foods, pasta, SODA…. ugnnngh… almost gave up completely… Lost everything I had worked for. Not that I was doing amazingly well anyway, with my bits of cheating now and then, but this was just, well… bad. Starting over (again) never hurt anyone, right? Tomorrow… a new day one! Hehe.

I’ve found that I start to cheat around day 3… that’s when I lose my balance. In order to feel like I’m on a diet, I need to really change my life, or I feel like I’m not doing anything. I’m not just talking about not eating that cooking at lunch, or getting a water instead of a Snapple, I’m talking about drastically changing, like having a strict scheduale and guidlines for what I eat, because I looked up the cheese wrap I eat every day, and guess what? 294 calories! Thats almost 1/3 of the calories I want to eat a day!

I’m also talking about not giving into cravings. You know, when you REALLLY want to go downstairs and pig out, so you need to distract yourself? Well, I’m no good at that, so I need to focus up and slim down!

Once again, tomorrow is day one… No junk food!!!

Keep up the good work everybody!
xoxoxo, H

clean my room and keep it clean (read all 8 entries…)
Been 2 weeks.

I’d say that I have had my room clean for about 2 weeks now. It’s easier than I thought it would be, as it has just become part of my nightly ritual. Brush hair, teeth, wash face, then clean room. Simple. It’s all a matter of keeping up with it. I wouldn’t say I’m quite done yet, but I’m getting there.

Go to sleep at 10 or earlier every night for a week (read all 8 entries…)

Okay, so Monday night, I was all prepped. But it didn’t happen. I got caught up typing up an assignment, and by the time I was done, it was 10:30, I was asleep by 11, but still. Tuesday night, and I’m still up though. Hehe. It’s ten fifteen. Hoping to get to bed soon.

Save money (read all 6 entries…)
Ughhh lost it.

This weekend was my towns fair, which is a big event, everyone comes out for it. We had carnival games and rides, and food… tons of food. I was stupid and brought alll of my “cash on hand”. It was maybe 60 dollars, that I was hoping to add to my account. Silly me… I get addicted to carnival games, like “Next time I’ll win the stuffed animal, NEXT TIME…” I lost, like 30 dollars on carnival games and food. Maybe even more. I don’t really know exactly how much money I brought. Ugh. Right now I only have 30 dollars on hand. Great.

Go to sleep at 10 or earlier every night for a week (read all 8 entries…)
Sunday Night.

Tonight, it’s already past ten, but tomorrow will be the first day. Tomorrow, I want to get my homework done by eight, and asleep by ten. I hate waking up in the morning with 5 or 6 hours sleep, my head hurts when I do. So from monday night, tomorrow, to monday night, next week, I’ll go to sleep, and see what effects it has on my concentration and my overall health!

lose weight (read all 32 entries…)
Baadddd weekend.

Ugh. The weekends always bing horrible eating for me. I had a fair this weekend, and fairs in my town mean tons and tons of cotton candy and really good food. I spoiled myself a lot while at the fair. I ate a ton of cotton candy and popcorn and other stuff that can’t be good for you, and come lunch time, I went to the “food” area of the fair, where they had hot dogs and hamburgers and “international” food.

I decided I had indulged enough, so I didn’t choose the greasy fries and cheesy burgers, instead I went for the greek salad with no dressing. So, even though I had completely ruined my diet with all the junk food, I was pretty happy that I chose that. I dunno, I know its not much, but it’s a step. I was walking and running around all day with my friends, so I consider it excersize. At the end of the day, my legs hurt more than when I run hills, so I think I got a good workout, haha.

Monday brings a new week, and that means I can’t “indulge” anymore. I want to get back on my diet, maybe start over from day one, because this past week has been a little rocky, looking back at my past entries. Tomorrow, a new day one!

have a flat stomach (read all 5 entries…)
Better, I think

Last night I did 100 nose to knee crunches with a towel under my back (couldn’t find the yoga mat, hehe), and was looking forward to the usual tightness in the stomach after you do crunches, but unfortunately, I drank a lot of water before hand, so my stomach was all bloated :-(.
I can see a slight difference now though I think. Not much however.

lose weight (read all 32 entries…)
104 today.

After three days of waiting. I weighed myself… I lost two pounds! 104! I know its not much, but I feel better a bit. I didnt eat much today. I was at home, not at school, so I didn’t trust myself around the kitchen.

The entire day, I ate I english muffin, lightly buttered, two cups of shredded wheat cereal with a cup of milk (skim), and a sugared grapefruit. I know, it all sounds like breakfast, but the shredded wheat was lunch and dinner. It’s so filling and healthy! Though it is a bit heavier on the calorie side. Whatever.

All together today I had about 894 calories, according to my pyramid Thats only six calories under my 900 calorie goal, but still, I felt like I ate a lot. I also had little bites here and there that look like small amounts of food, but I know that they can add up. The two pound weight loss might just be a fluctuation, but I see it as a little teeny-tiny result.

Save money (read all 6 entries…)
I need cash!

I am a big spender. I made some money over the winter by checking coats, but now I want to keep it! I have some cash on hand, but I normally go and spend it with my friends, and I have to spend about 5 dollars a day on lunch, though that can be avoided. I get 40 dollars a week for lunch and allowance, and I have about 340 dollars saved up. I really, really, want to get a Mac laptop, which are valued at about 1,200 dollars. My dad has agreed to spot me, dollar for dollar, on what I make, so I really want to get to about 600 dollars, with maybe some cash left over, for clothes and things. I’m only 13, so aside from babysitting, I really don’t have that many money making oppertunities. I’m going to ask my mom to start “advertising” me to her friends, and I am going to go to a babysitting/cpr class, so I can have some certification.

Eat less junk food (read all 4 entries…)
Ugh bad day.

So I swore off junk food yesterday, so it’s only logical that today I find a junk food tresure trove in my backpack at lunch… urgh. I ate half a bag of cheetos, then threw them out in discust. I hated myself lol. But then I went running, and sort of evened it all out. So far though, not so good. Tomorrow I will be much more strict. No junk food…. AT ALL… urgh.

drink more water (read all 4 entries…)
Not good day.

Today I had my Nalgene (which , apparently noone outside of the obsessive water drinking world knows about) all set up to go, it was a huge 32 ouncer and it was filled with a thin layer of ice to keep it cold throughout the day. I was set. Then my mom dropped me off at school…
and I forgot it in the car. What an idiot I am lol… okay, so I tried to get water out of the fountains, but that is repulsive, and I bought a water bottle at lunch, but I’d say the most I consumed today was mayyybee 20 ounces, to be completely fair. But tomorrow will be better, I hope, as I wont forget the darn Nalgene!

lose weight (read all 32 entries…)
Ugh such a fat day.....

I had such a bad day today.I was all pumped when I woke up this morning. I ate a piece of toast with margarine and a glass of water, and then for lunch, everything went south.

I opened my backpack to find that I had (somehow) a treasure trove of candy and snack food…. ughhh. There were only three things there, but still. I gave away two of them, the candy bars, but no one would take the cheetos, so I ate half of the bag, but almost coughed them all back up when I saw the calorie content… 270 calories for the whole bag! I only ate about half, so that would be 135 calories, but still… ugh I hate myself hehe. Then I went and ate my usual wrap and water. And stole a few of my friends fries, but only about three.

For dinner, I had a softball game, so I went out with my friends to a Pizzaria. I just had one slice and a grapefruit juice, while my friends piled on the pasta (my local pizzaria is famous for pasta). But I know about carbs, lol…

I made up for my dietary indescresions when I went for a huge run with my friend. We went about four miles through a hilly area. I had my dog with me though, so she kind of messed up my pace, but all I know is that it took like 2 hours and I was sooo tired after. I really hope that I burned off the calories for today.. but I did have a bad day, never the less.

I think I’m gonna start counting calories, because I have seen people who say its so much more effective. You really get a true idea of what you are really intaking, rather than an estimate. I dont want to have more than 900 calories tomorrow. I need to think of stricter rules for my diet. Those will come tomorrow. My main issue is self control. Day 3 is officially over, hehe.

clean my room and keep it clean (read all 8 entries…)

I’ve had my room clean for only a day, but already its gotten some good feedback from my parents (“raise in allowance?” Still no. hehe) and even from my friends, who have come over and seen how nice my room looks. It feels good. But it certainly doesn’t mean that it will stay that way all by itself.

do my homework (read all 4 entries…)
Sorry about that...

Sorry about yesterdays entry… somehow the apostrophes got messed up… it was not pretty to look at or read. Anyway, I got all of my homework done last night, and felt really, really good. I actually paid attention in class, rather than doing my homework that was due later on that day for another class. Todays homework is not much harder:
Math- Do 10 questions on the sheet the teacher gave us. It should be easy, as the questions are short.

Soc- Do 3 of the worksheets and read a section in the textbook

Italian- Make up four skits for tomorrow morning (Proficiency Exam… eek)

English- psh; as if…

Health- Start typing for 3 of the 6 questions.

Science- Type up a lab that is due later on this week.

Eat less junk food (read all 4 entries…)
I need to do this.

Junk food is my vice. I get good grades. I like people. I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. Junk food is my one, and only vice. But ohhhh no, not just one type of junk food. ALLL of it. Candy, fries, burgers, soda… I love it all. But I hate that I love it. I know that I am thin (enough), but I can tell that I am probably one of those fat people hiding inside of a thin person… I have a fat soul. And I don’t want to get older and let that fat soul become a fat body. I want to look and feel good all of my life. Junk food is the reason that almost 25% of Americans are obese.

So I am cutting it out. The first week is the most important, I believe, for all goals, so I will be checking in every day. This goal basically corresponds with my others, so I’ll feel like I’m getting a lot done when I am not! FUN! I want to cut down, to almost nothing, my junk food intake, and they say, once you stop, you feel so much better, you have more energy, and you will lose your taste for that processed crap. I’m really both looking forward to and dreading this goal.

have a flat stomach (read all 5 entries…)

Sit ups are hard, no matter which way you put it; and if you’re doing it on your hardwood floorings, they’re even harder. I did 100 full nose-to-knee situps/crunches last night, but my butt-bone or the end of my spine (whichever one it is) really started to hurt.
I have a yoga mat in the basement I could revive from the dead… Hehe. I’ll fill you all in on how that little adventure turns out.

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