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Create a Happy and Healthy Family!!!
Loving Family

Well as we all know ….. with a couple of pasionate nights using no protection we can very easily make kids… But to create a Healthy Loving Family takes more TIME…. more PATIENTS…. more LOVE…. more CARE…. and in return you find more HAPPINESS….so that is my daily mission in creating a Happy and Healthy Family!!

Quit Smoking
WE are doing this...

Me and my fiance are on our first day without smokes…... We both are loyal smokers and this is a new challenge… But both of ours lives have had challanges. We are both recovering addicts as well. Smoking is our last “Hang Up”... We have children and it’s important to set examples. If anyone has some incouraging words or advice… That would be wonderful…. Thanks for reading and God Bless!!


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