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  1. 1. Quit my job and do something I love to do
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  2. 2. start over somewhere new
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  3. 3. fall in love and stay in love
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  4. 4. stop sabotaging myself
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  5. 5. throw out things i don't need
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  6. 6. pay off my debt
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  7. 7. Drive across the USA
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  8. 8. find a home
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  9. 9. whiten my teeth
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Recent entries
Go to a baseball game
Colorado Rockies Vs. San Fransisco Giants

I went with friends from Camp and it was amazing. Mind blowing even. We just don’t have sports on that scale in the UK.

I now also know who Barry Bonds is.

That game was Badass.

The tickets (In the Rockpile) were only $4.00, Yet a beer was $6.00 and Skittles cost $3.50 a bag.

Totally worth it.

start over somewhere new
Running away is sometimes the answer.

I relocated to Wales (intentionally) for university.

I lost friends from home
I made new friends
I grew distant from my best friends
I grew closer to my mother
I got over a past love with a girl
I fell in love another girl, Then had to get over her.

Basically, It helps solve your current problems. But they follow you wherever you go.


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