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love myself better
Because I shouldn't be a hater!

That’s why. A hater of yourself. Because you shouldn’t be your own worst enemy. You can’t get away! You can’t avoid or hide from your enemy! The only way you can deal with it is just to confront him head on. But don’t beat him up! I tried. It doesn’t work!

Raft down the Mississippi just like Huckleberry Finn
Everyone wanted to be just like Huck Finn!

At least I did…and still do! It would be great to experience that freedom, floating down the river lazily on a raft letting the current take you wherever! Man, would be that nice! But perhaps dangerous, because I could run into a river barge or some sort of steamboat casino! And did you ever see the pollution cluttering that river? DIS-gusting! But I still wanna do it! Just because

Build A Treehouse Like Swiss Family Robinson
I just think it would be sooo cool!

I just remember watching this movie going “Oh my god! How lucky that family is!” Because they seem to be a close family that still loved to live and have fun, without any worries even though they were trapped on an island. To me, it’s a dream house!

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