learned that black paint is NOT the same as white.

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  1. 1. Build a home
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  2. 2. Live self sufficiently
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  3. 3. Learn more about alternative energies
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  4. 4. Lose weight
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  5. 5. Get a job
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  6. 6. Quit Smoking
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  7. 7. Whiten my teeth
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  8. 8. Get rid of stuff I don't need
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  9. 9. Pay off my debt
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How I did it
How to drink more water
It took me
2 weeks
It made me
feel so much better.

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get rid of stuff i don't need
I still have too much

But after the separation, I found that most of the crap we had was hers… and I’m not kidding when I say CRAP. I still have a dozen large totes of knick knacks, tools, toys, books and other stuff I probably will never need. In my spare time, I try to clear a box or two between online classes and looking for work. I guess soon I’ll have it manageable again.

I mean… I already got rid of her… that’s a start! :)

whiten my teeth
Smoking, Coffee, Tea & Never having time in the morning

all excuses I’m going to put behind me. I’ve already started brushing regularly, I’m cutting down on smoking and switch from black to green tea… I can’t kick the coffee completely… I love it too much.

I’m also doing a twice weekly home whiting system that tastes like baking soda and uses blue light. I hope I don’t give my tongue a sunburn. That just wouldn’t taste right.

live self sufficiently
A two parter

Part of this is related to my building a house, building my home actually. The other part is employment. I have the employment lined up, it’s just taking awhile for it to resolve before I actually report for duty… military is slow like that, and picky.

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