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write a song for every remaining week of 2011, starting in September
ok. let's get serious.

the goal is to write a grand total of 16 songs for the remaining weeks of the year, regardless of quality. obviously the goal is quantity, and if I can keep this up every week then something amazing will have occurred.

- song length must be at least 2:30 in time
- standard orchestral setup, but (only) a piano is fine too
- this challenge begins Saturday, September 3, 2011 at 11:59PM
- deadline is every Saturday at 11:59PM

there are no excuses! this is an exercise in quantity over quality, in letting go of inhibitions and perfectionism for production and getting shit done

this is my goal for the rest of the year!

(of course – as soon as I post this here on the life list, I realize it should go on the resolutions list for 2011)

become vegetarian
let's sharpen this up, ok?

to be fair, I’ve become very good about a vegetarian diet over the past several months – I can’t really remember when I transitioned, but it must have been at least 6 months ago

the problem is that while I’ll have vegetarian streaks of days and weeks, I’ll cheat a bit every time there’s free food to be had – sometimes tiny insignificant bites of meat, sometimes a serving, though never to the levels of which I had meat before I started this

I think I’d consider myself a vegetarian 95% of the time, so actually – mission accomplished – but I still feel a little conflicted about those meaty exceptions. I miss fish as well, so perhaps I’ll make a few more rules in an upcoming more specific goal.

write five songs by the end of 2010
it's been quite some time since I've seen this website, let alone visited this goal

in late 2009, I wrote: goodbyes and light
in all of 2010, I wrote half of an untitled piece
in early 2011, I wrote: an introduction and thelschere

so it’s 4.5, maybe 5 songs

so the timing of this has passed, and it isn’t quite what I expected – but I’ll call it progress and move forward with more goals on songwriting


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