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complete a sleeve tattoo representing my family tree
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I currently have 10 immediate family members I plan to get tattoos for. Four grandparents, two parents, my wife, my brother, and my two sisters. This total number may increase with children.

Tattoo #1 is a tarot card for my Mema (grandmother on my mother’s side) who read tarot as a hobby. She always had an interest in the spiritual and I have fond memories of waking up on Saturdays and her doing readings for my mom or aunt in the kitchen.

Tattoos #2 and 3 go together. I got a morel mushroom for my grandfather surrounded by rhubarb, representing my grandmother (dad’s parents.) My grandpa used to take us kids out hunting in the woods for morels, a tasty mushroom the grows wild in Michigan. My grandma had a garden that she grew all sorts of things in but I was fond of sour tastes so I would often sneak a stalk of rhubarb to munch on while I was off running around.


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