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Buy and learn how to ride a bicycle. (read all 2 entries…)
Step 2: Balance.

Wow what a rush! I went to the alley way behind my house, it runs the entire length of the street and slopes down, to practice my bike riding. I started off occasionally touching my feet to the ground as a rolled down the slope but half an hour later and I found myself balancing easier, and scooting along without touching my feet to the ground at all! I’ve eased up on my braking a lot when I’ve got scared of going too fast and today I went the entire length of my street without braking and without using my feet to balance or move. It was great! I’ll still need to practice more on my balancing but I’ve made a huge improvement since the day before! Now I just need to get the hang of steering, and trying to stay straight instead of zig zagging all over the place. Super excited :) I’m going to practice every day!

Learn how to spot micro expressions and learn the signs of when someone is lieing. Become a better lie detector.
Lie to me.

I’m already pretty good at spotting a liar. After Sydney I seem to have been gifted with a super-natural lie detecting ability. I’m spotting micro expressions mid conversation, noticing the tone if voice, body language, facial expressions – are they using all their facial muscles? Or just the ones around their mouth? Are their facial expressions timed with what they’re saying? Or is there a delay? There are so many indicators of a lie, and I want to learn them all. I find it fascinating, maybe it’s something I could use in my future psychology career? It makes me wonder why people lie…why is it so important to cover the truth? What are their motives? I like to believe I’m a pretty honest person, I’ve been a victim of lies all my life “What’s my Dad’s name?” to “Are you cheating on me?” and each one answered with a lie. So I really fail to see the point in lieing, I have no interest in hurting and ruining people’s lives so what do I have to lie about? Nothing. Ask me a question and you will always get an honest answer. Always. It’s a big call I know. Can you do it? I challenge everyone to be 100% honest for a week and see how they go. It’s really not that hard, and it’s sure a lot less stressful. Anyways, I always feel a tiny bit powerful when I’ve detected someone lieing to me. You can tell me fibs, but I’m not buying it, I know. But then again, I could just be paranoid and this could be a symptom of PTSD.

Buy and learn how to ride a bicycle. (read all 2 entries…)
Step 1. Buy a bike.

Got ma new bike yesterday! I’m pumped and can’t wait to start learning. I had a go yesterday and discovered my balance is shit house. Practice makes perfect though :)

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