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pay off my credit cards
Many down, one to go...

I’ve always believed in a debt-free life. Not an easy thing to do, especially when you 1) are a self-supporting artist in a bad economy and B) you are a homeowner.

After 20+ years as a self-supporting artist, I’ve left that life behind to return to the corporate world. Less money, but a more reliable income.

I’ve started blowing glass again on weekends to supplement my income, and now I have only ONE credit card left to pay off! This should happen by June of 2011. Wish me luck!

Replace my Party Zone pinball machine with a Twilight Zone machine
Pinball: My drug of choice

I’ve always loved playing pinball. I used to have a few electromechanical pins (Space Mission and Captain Fantastic, to name two) but had to part with them.

I was able to get a Party Zone machine a few years ago, and I particularly love it because the main character (Captain B Zarr) looks just like my sweetie :-) After having it for this long, I’m kind of tired of it, and I’d like a Twilight Zone. I don’t have room for more than one, so you do the math.

It’s hard to justify spending additional money just to get a different machine, but it sure would be nice.

Spend a weekend in Ann Arbor with my sweetie
It shouldn't be difficult, right?

We spent several years traveling the globe, teaching glass blowing to students in the US, Ireland and Spain. Why then is it so difficult to plan and execute a weekend away in a town only 45 minutes from home?

I think the issue is that I don’t believe I deserve it. Those global jaunts were wonderful, but at the end of the day, it was our job. It was a money-maker. Going on a trip purely for pleasure simply seems decadent and unnecessary. Or something.

How do I convince myself that doing something purely for pleasure is ok?

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