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  1. 1. stop washing my hair
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  2. 2. pass the cpa
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  3. 3. grow my hair long
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  4. 4. grow my hair long and healthy
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  5. 5. walk ten thousand steps a day
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  6. 6. stop eatting after 6
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  7. 7. become a lifeguard
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  8. 8. stop procastinating
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  9. 9. grow my hair really long
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  10. 10. Pass the CPA exam
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Pass the CPA exam
I just graduated...

and I want to take the exam right away…can anyone recomend a certain review over another? How did you study? And for people who did self-study, where did you buy your books?

grow my hair long
biotin anyone

I heard this would help.

grow my hair long and healthy
heathly hair

I have really dry ends, so I take a round boar brush and put pink lotion on the ends. The boar brush helps to distrubute the lotion. This conditions my hair and keeps split ends from splitting futher. The only true way to get rid of split ends is to cut them, but then one will never have long hair.

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