In the summer time when the weather is fine

Get a tattoo

On Bonfire night 2010 I got my tattoo, it did take me a while to get one as it’s permanent and didnt want to get it wrong. Once I found a place I was happy with and my design was all refined etc, I got it done. Each flower represents one of my sisters and my mum I am glad I got a sentimental tattoo as my first one. Definatly dont regret getting it that’s for sure :) good luck with anyone who is getting their first one. They are addictive.

become an organ donor

i signed up during the summer and my card came in the post, :) i just hope i dont have to use it anytime soon i dont want to die just yet :p

get a tattoo [or] tattoo's

I got this done on firework night, each of the flowers represents my sisters and my mum. It didn’t hurt too bad but when it go to the top of my shoulder it made my arm kinda ache a lot more. i would highly reccommend getting a tattoo.

create a personal travel map

I plan to start by writng a list of places I want to visit then working out how I will manage it. ha

identify 100 of my Favorite songs.

i plan to look through cd’s and other songs i have listened to recently and pick some good ones.

go to amsterdam

i have decided that for my 18th i will gather a few friends and travel to amsterdam, i have now just got to start looking for a place to stay etc, any ideas??

learn to drive

getting there slowly, to begin with i had to change my name which was completed on Monday. I am now just waiting for the documents to come through.
I also need to get a job in order to pay for the lessons etc. but i have applied for a few places and am waiting for a reply now. :D



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