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Trimming to treasure!

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Complete the 50 Questions that will free your mind (read all 3 entries…)
32. If not now, then when?

Very timely question. I’ve heard it posed before and it seemed important but still didn’t grab me at the time. After all, sometimes the answer will still be, “Not now.” That’s how it goes.

So I guess I like a rephrase of this question more than this question itself – what can I be doing right now that will help me clarify my goals and meet them?

So much of the advice I hear is designed to motivate a person to excel after they already know what it is they are after, and that seems useful but also kind of silly to me, because knowing what you want can be very motivating in and of itself.

What I really need is help discovering what it is I want to make of myself, and to find that out, I’ve had to go on quite a journey (which I am still on) to learn how to believe in myself and in what I do have to offer. It’s been quite a ride and as of today, I say it is 100% worth it.

So, what now?

be financially independent

Not doing well with this at all.

learn guitar (read all 12 entries…)
Great free videos

I’m learning well now! Fun!

learn french (read all 10 entries…)
Passive learning

I’m focusing on listening to podcasts in French, as well as French news, to reduce anxiety over learning, to train my ear for the language, and because I think it will work! No books for now.

meditate (read all 6 entries…)

I’m meditating every day, as of the beginning of this year. Love it and how it makes me feel.

Learn Spanish (read all 23 entries…)
Come, Reza, Ama

Finished!!! Back to the library it goes!

Have a place for everything, and put everything in its place (read all 4 entries…)

I have a broken vacuum that I meant to fix. I don’t know where to put it for now. I need to go ahead and fix it.

Learn Spanish (read all 23 entries…)
Reading another book in Spanish

I’m reading “Come, Reza, Ama” by Elizabeth Gilbert in Spanish – that’s Eat Pray Love – and so far I like it a lot. One of these days, I’ll read a book in Spanish where I don’t know story, where I haven’t watched the movie or read the book in English already.

Make a vision board! (read all 2 entries…)

Yip yip. I’ll only add something if I feel it belongs up there… but I’m calling this done.

Complete the 50 Questions that will free your mind (read all 3 entries…)
46. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

Wow, this is a great one to start with (and revisit, as needed).

I would dance. In public. And sing and stomp my feet and clap and smile and whistle and skip and bang on drums and, if the not judging part also included the law, I’d probably get high once in a while.

Mainly dancing though.

Complete the 50 Questions that will free your mind (read all 3 entries…)
Nice discrete goal

I like this one because you do it, then it’s done. It won’t hang out forever and ever making me feel guilty.

Make a vision board! (read all 2 entries…)
Got the big paper, got tape and glue and scissors

I even have tons of postcards since I’ve been doing Postcrossing for years… so now I’ll see about getting a few magazines to round things out.


Write a letter to myself that I'll open in 5 years (read all 4 entries…)
opened it early

So, the envelope says July 21, 2014… and I opened it early, as I just found it while organizing some files.

Great letter!

I’ll have to do another one of these. For now, I’m using this letter as inspiration for making a vision board, since it’s still pretty dead-on as far as where I hope to go next. I’ve accomplished just a little less than what I’d hoped for but the extras are surprising and gratifying – those things I never could have predicted would come with the years, I treasure.

learn french (read all 10 entries…)

So, I went to a French meet-up at a coffee shop in Portland this week knowing I am unable to speak the language practically at all, and the people there were so nice and accepting that they allowed me to listen and soak it all in. A man there told me about direct, so I have been watching streaming news in French to further accustom my ears to the sound of French being spoken. It is good timing because News in Slow French reduced its free content a couple of weeks ago. Yay! Later that night I dreamt I was wearing lots of white T-shirts, which I think relates to something I have been reading called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, where the author realizes she prefers white t-shirts so allows herself to buy a bunch at once. Regardless of my low skill-set in French, I am trying anyway, and it was gratifying to realize that no one there seemed to mind. Je suis debutante!

The 10,000 Hours
Career Counseling

I went to a career counseling appointment and it was amazing.

Learn Spanish (read all 23 entries…)
Una charla

I went to a meetup group at the library and it was great! Apparently, I am NOT a beginner anymore, and although I will be uncomfortable, I can move up a level if I go to their Intermediate Group – so in two weeks, I will do just that, work schedule permitting. Yay!

Read the Bible
Now that I've done it...

I’m glad I didn’t record this as a goal first, because it might have discouraged me (it’s a big book). Now that I have read it, I want my credit! So here it is.

never never never give up
Keep doing the work.

Well, I’m moving again and I hope to do things better this time around. Don’t get me wrong; this “quiet year” of reading and hard work and reflection has been great. It’s just time to move things forward even more.

To that end, I want to make a list of things I hope to accomplish – a “don’t quit ‘til you’ve done these things” list. It’s scary to write it down because that gives me a concrete measure for failure, but it can also be a kind of map for me and I need that.

Without further ado:

1. Remember fruits and vegetables and water? Yeah, get back on track – eat real food, not “Soylent Orange” (aka CheezIts) and co.

2. Work on being more flexible. Body, relationships, thinking. Recognize that when you tell yourself you’re afraid to sacrifice strength, the salient concept there is fear. Turn and face it.

3. The Artist’s Way. You’ve done morning pages for a year but not the artist’s dates. Think 52 Projects by Jeffrey Yamaguchi. You are way more right brained than you are allowing yourself to exhibit and manifest. Make yourself manifest by doing what you need and want to do. Fly, freak flag, fly.

4. Don’t believe the lie that being an adult is not fun. It’s only going to be as fun as I make it. Fun is up to me.

5. Why have you told yourself you’ll do informational interviews to investigate different careers for more than a decade and still not done it? It is time to step up to this. Find out who you are, what you want to be, and where you want to put your energy. The world needs you somewhere. No more treadmill jobs. Look into career counseling.

6. Work the steps. This is key.

7. Get some hormones to combat this PMDD before it kills you or wrecks your life.

8. Find a counselor.

9. Be of use. Keep trying to find a good volunteer fit and don’t give up until you find it. Yes, you are going to be uncomfortable, until you’re not.

10. Make some friends. You are not the only bored young adult out there. Make the adventure club you wish existed.

11. Keep working on the New Lifetime Reading Plan and all the other reading you do. It’s been great for you to get so much material in your head. It’s helping square you to the world.

12. Write the screenplay you’ve been thinking about.

13. Sing. Play piano and guitar and clarinet. Get some drums and go find a drum circle. It’s the most direct route to your inner self and the best balm for a suffering spirit. Sing out with everything you’ve got.

14. Teeth. Cats’ teeth. My teeth. Also insurance. All things medical – it’s a jungle out there, but that doesn’t excuse this lack of self-care and care for the cats. Find a way to pay for this.

15. Money – keep making progress.

16. When are you going to travel?

17. Languages – keep at it. This is a lifetime pursuit. You will always study another language. It’s something you love doing.

18. Watch your input / output. When’s the last time you made something? Did you recognize it? Did you honor what you made?

19. Paint! You’re kind of good at it, in a liberal sense of the word.

I’ll edit this later if I need to – sometimes I have blind spots accidentally on purpose but another day I may see them. I think that’s enough to be getting on with, anyway.

reduce my grocery bill (read all 4 entries…)
Odwalla juice by the ounce

I was drinking one a day at work and while I did enjoy that it was making my groceries too expensive. Now, I’m making a game of it – I’ll buy one a week and I take a shot of Odwalla once or twice a day. It’s the little things that will help me to save money.

Learn Spanish (read all 23 entries…)

I’m reading The Hunger Games in Spanish right now and I’m to book 3, Sinsajo. I totally don’t have time for this right now but I need the sanity measures so I’m doing it anyway. Watching Pan’s Labyrinth in the theater when it came out tipped me off that the collective unconscious is bubbling up some true villains again for us to wrestle with, and I see this series as a clean continuation of that thread. Looking at it that way helps me stomach some of the violence – we have some real darkness to clear so we can liberate the light (ie wars in the Middle East and Africa, and all those other private wars that will never make the news – yes, yours too). All I can say is, it’s gonna be so bright, so keep doing the work.

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