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off to start a new life in LA!!!

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go to california
Moved to LA for my boyfriend.

He’s great, but the people here are awful. Outside of our group of friends, everyone here is really self-absorbed, things are retardedly expensive, and everyone drives like an asshole.
Perhaps, because I am from the south, I don’t quite mesh here, but I could swear up and down there is nothing but rudeness and hubris. AND, everybody’s extremely politically correct- and aggressive about it. If you move( to LA, at least), expect a good number of people to have their heads up their own asses… just a warning.

get married (read all 6 entries…)
don't get married young

...or to an abuser.

get a job
I need to get a fooookin job.

My city is really hard to find employment in, but I need to do it in order to get my finances straight so I can take a trip to Sydney to see my friend.
Just as well, I have aspirations of studying abroad, so I need to make saving (another goal of mine) a priority.
Unfortunately…money does not grown on trees- so I clearly need a job, stat!

help someone the way I wish I had been helped.
Pay it Forward

I lost my passport in Cuba about six months back, along with my bank card and all of my money. I didn’t even have a visa. I would have never made it out of there, if it weren’t for the kindness of random strangers. I didn’t have 22 cucs for my exit tax- I stood at customs crying, and without asking, a random guy came up and gave me the money I needed to board the plane and get home.
Once in Cancun, I tried to get a flight home, but couldn’t get one until 8 am the next morning. It was 3pm when I purchased the ticket. I figured it was going to be a really long night. I had no food, my soap had been stolen in Cuba (it’s a hot ticket item there- really hard to find and expensive), I had no money. I was really just shit out of luck. I cleaned myself up in the bathroom, and sat at the arrivals- wondering how I was going to get through the next 14 or 15 hours without food in my stomach.
I was writing in my journal, when I met a girl who was picking up her sister. We talked, and realized that we had been to a lot of the same places in Guatemala. Through conversation, she found out what my situation was- and TOLD ME I was going to go with her to her hotel and get cleaned up, eat something, and have a place to sleep. She even bought me a bottle of water and some almond cookies, along with bus fare to get back to the airport the next morning. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.
I want to be that person for someone. I want to be on the helping end, because I know first hand, how life can deal you a shitty hand. This is a big goal of mine.

not be addicted to facebook

I am too entirely concerned with Facebook. I never wanted one, at first. Myspace was ghey enough- but, when I was traveling, it became essential- everyone used one, and it’s how I keep in touch with friends, now that I’m home. It’s getting to be a problem. I keep checking it, hoping to interact with “someone in particular”...but, I need not to be on it every damn day- even if I am biting my nails, hoping to see a (1) in my inbox.
It’s just getting to be ridiculous. I’ve decided that I’m going to wean myself off. I’m going to check it only once a day. My goal isn’t necessarily to quit it, or never get on- because it DOES help me keep in touch with friends who live out of the country- but, I want not to spend all of the spare time I have staring at my profile page.

Become fluent in more than one language (read all 5 entries…)
Mi profesora dice que yo tengo "bastante" espanol.

And, I do. I’m over half-way there. I’ve got it pretty well down. I can’t tell you how much going to Spanish-speaking countries helped me with the language. For those of you considering immersing yourselves to help complete your goals- IMMERSION WORKS!
I’m back in Spanish 1 at my university- both looking for an easy A, and making for absolute concrete certain that I’ve got Spanish…that I’ve got it in my head. I’m going up to Spanish 4 and Conversation…and then taking French. French and Irish are my next two languages.
After that, I hope for Russian, Danish, or Hungarian.
We’ll see.

learn Irish (read all 2 entries…)
Meet me halfway!!

I just wish that the Irish language would meet me halfway :P I know I’m steadily improving. I have made Gaeilge a part of my daily life, and noticed, just yesterday, that I think in it often.
I have a natural inclination for languages. I finally became “basically” fluent in Spanish with my trip, and now I’m going back through a series of Spanish classes, so that I can concrete my speaking abilities. So, I’m definitely only having trouble because my brain is a jumbled mess, and I’m not finding the direction I need to complete this goal.
With that in mind, I’ve devised a new scheme I will stick to. Every two weeks, I will pick a verb and tense (I’m starting with bí in the past tense, this lesson), as well as a preposition (and it’s compound preps) and some vocabulary. I am going to give myself a test on use at the end of the week.
On top of this, I have been watching Ros ná Rún, and listening to copious amounts of Clannad…ha. The idea with both of those is to get on track with the listening bit. It is slightly difficult to hear Irish and see the words in your head, as the spelling and pronunciation are so vastly different than most speakers of English would think.
It also helps me to identify certain speech patterns…as people tend to have an interesting bunch of phrases to help express themselves in Irish.
It is definitely NOT an easy language,and I can see why some people with no inclination for language learning could get extremely tired of it in school. But, I want to learn. It’s a beautiful language.

be more lady-like (read all 4 entries…)
Just like my mother...

sigh...I know that’s what my problem is. Ha. “Problem”. I guess it’s not a problem that I’m just like my mother- but I know it’s a huge contributing factor in why this is so hard to nail down.
Now that I am no longer a hormonal teenager- I can see the forest for the trees: I am very multi-dimensional.
On one hand, I have manners. I’m always humble. I can get a good swagger going in a pair of heels and an LBD. I dress tastefully and my hair, skin, and nails are always nice if I step even a toe out the door.
I cook, I keep a clean house, and all of my husband’s friends are polite to me and respect me when they are over. They rinse out their glasses…hehe.
Being ladylike isn’t just wearing lacy, pretty things and crossing your legs when you sit. It’s about demanding respect and decency (in the nicest, most mannerful way, of course)- and getting it, too.
I have all of these qualities. But, my cursing has not become any better…grrr!!
And, there’s also the side to me that wants to play footie on the weekends with a team full of men, and slide tackle them into the dirt. There’s a part of me that wants to forsake heels, and tear up some mud in a jeep on 33’s.
I don’t know whether to give this goal up- or consider it done?
I feel I’ve learned my lessons about being feminine and what the virtues of femininity are. But, on the reverse- I’m still not Audrey effing Hepburn.
What do I do?!

learn Russian (read all 3 entries…)

Russian is on the back burner. Can’t learn more than one language at once, and I’m already sort of violating that rule. I already speak Spanish, but I’m having a bit of a brush up. I’m learning Irish, on top of that, so Russian is out for now. I will resume my task of locating a Russian instructor at a later date. Maybe when I transfer to UF?

learn to play the violin (read all 4 entries…)
I used to play...

when I was a kid. Why do things seem so much easier to learn when you’re young?! And, why do you forget ‘em so fast as you age?!
Well…this is on the backburner for now. I’m taking guitar and piano back up, first. Piano- I’ve still got down pat, thank god. Guitar is very rusty. Needs a lot of work.
But, when I do resume this goal…I’m buying a decent fiddle. That’s the end of that!

learn to play guitar
It's not that...

I don’t understand how to play. I’m just really out of practice, and would like to be way better than I was when I quit playing.
First, ha…I need to re-string the damn thing. I’ve been too lazy to go out and get a pack of slinkies. Second…I am going to take formal lessons- because I was a tabber, and that’s no way to learn an instrument (unless you plan on only playing powerchords in your mom’s basement).

finish college (read all 6 entries…)
Getting along this semester...

even though I had a wicked bout of mono…I still went to class every day. I wanted to prove to myself and my maker that I don’t take this second chance for granted. So, even though I was nearly dying- I rode onward. Because, sometimes…that’s what you gotta do.
I’ve got A’s in all of my classes. So far, so good.
My math test came back a B!
Bio quiz, the samw.
I’m well on my way.

use money as a tool to amass experiences, not objects.
I truly think that freeing yourself from money...

is the best way to live. This way, it never masters you- you reign over it. Money is a continual power struggle: between us and our materialistic desires.
I’ve at least resigned myself to buying things, only if they have character- and I’ve put a lot of thought into it. Like…I don’t buy my furniture from Walmart, I find vintage pieces and fix them up, or DIY my own. My clothes are either vintage, handmade, made in the US, or thoughtful pieces. I won’t buy cheap, worthless things…and I don’t “impulse buy”.
But, this isn’t so much about buying “things”.
What I really want to do with all of my money is leave. Buy a one way plane ticket out of here. After going traveling, I’ve realized that it’s one of the only things actually worth spending money on, besides good food, books, art, and presents for the ones you love.

Give a loan at

...but, had totally forgotten about it until now. I’m so going to do this!

stop interrupting people
I always speak before I speak

I’m really high strung. I’m a gemini. Talkative. I try to curb it. Want to lay back and let other people have a say…

Be an interior design badass.
Starting from scratch.

It’s tough when you’ve got nothing. I’m still sitting in a camping chair in my cute 1926 craftsman special home, that we’re paying a higher rent for, simply because I can’t bear to live in cookie cutter apartments or houses.
I just got a couch today…and was going to tackle a pair of tufted barrel chairs- but upholstery takes knowledge I do not yet have. I hope to, by the end of the year- have a living space that I can be more than proud of- dynamic, organic, and a breath of fresh air…. oh…and furnitire…did I mention furniture?

stop using shampoo
I've tried it once...

My hair is really oily. I’m told this is a good thing, but I can’t go one day without shampooing- or I look like I walked into a McDonald’s and politely asked them if I could stick my head in their grease trap.
So, last time I tried it- I became kind of disheartened. After two weeks of waiting for the transition to be over… my hair looked like complete shit.
So, I’m going to give it another go. I currently use Avalon Organics shampoo and conditioner. I don’t like it for several reasons- including that it makes my hair break off.
I’m a pretty healthy eater. My nails and skin are great. My hair is not happy. I hope this time, no pooing will work!
I’m going to do better research and start immediately.

learn Irish (read all 2 entries…)
I've been studying irish for about four months.

I understand all of the basic grammar, seímhiú and urú, etc.
I need to work a lot on prepositions, prepositional pronouns, and vocabulary. I’ve decided on learning the Ulster dialect, because I think it’s preservation is important…considering that the Standard left most of their dialect out, when it was written.
I have purchased a number of books, cds, music, and have studied various pronunciations.
I write in a journal daily as Gaeilge, to help me practice.
I even bought Harry Potter agus an Orchloch, and am dissecting the book, paragraphy, by paragraph- and making vocabulary lists.
I think within the year, I will have a basic command of the language. I plan on studying at NUI for two semesters in the next two years, and plan to make regular trips to both the Donegal gaeltacht and the Galway/Aran gaeltachts…

finish college (read all 6 entries…)
Back in school- now it's just a matter of time.

So, I finally paid of USF, and I’m back in college.. very happy. So…now, all it is is a matter of time. I’ve got my goals in order. I’m finally moving forward.

get over mono
Really, really over it.

It’s been three damn weeks now. My secondary throat and ear infections are under control, thanks to Amoxicillin, but I am still unreasonably tired and not hungry.
Make it go away!

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