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  1. 1. become a millionaire
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  2. 2. go on a ski vacation
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  3. 3. go sailing
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  4. 4. bungee jump
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  5. 5. drink a pint in every county in ireland
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  6. 6. learn sign language
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  7. 7. learn how to drift
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  8. 8. cook
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  9. 9. read the entire Holy Bible
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  10. 10. be less defensive
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  11. 11. Fall in love
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  12. 12. pick locks
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  13. 13. stop stressing out
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  14. 14. get a tattoo of something meaningful
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  15. 15. Stop wearing my heart on my sleeve!
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  16. 16. run a marathon
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  17. 17. visit the bulmers factory
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become a millionaire
im trying

2 pieces of advice read “think and grow rich” by napoleon hill youll learn how to think like the rich very powerful and influencial book
and read “nothing down” by robert allen, itll show you how to get into property with very lil cash if your serious about getting rich at the moment im like dell boy importing things from japan china and selling them here in ireland cheaper, setting up a fastfood biz im flat out…best of luck

visit the bulmers factory
why do ye tink

its fairly self explanatory… any1 any advice??

join the army
it has extreme ups and downs

im in da irish army and im only recently finished my 7months trainin and my advice 2 sum1 who wants 2 join, is join but hav a trade r a degree r sumtin 2 fall bac on cos realisticly ur not gona stay 21years ul leave afta around 5years! remembr da army doesnt care about u and never will and has no problem dischargin u over anytin especialy sumtin medical… so luk afta numbr one not da army and bear in mind its not dat glamorous, iv also broke up wit a girl ova da army, not getin 2 c her etc and iv sen dis happen many times b4 2 oder lads this is probly da biggest warning i can yous cause it fairly hit me..

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