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  1. 1. keep a dream journal
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  2. 2. go camping
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  3. 3. create my own consignment account
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  4. 4. start a blog
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  5. 5. move to San Francisco
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  6. 6. create a box of handmades to sell!
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  7. 7. read a book
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read a book
Lie berry

I started two books. Three if you count a book of Alice Fulton.

create my own consignment account

I cleared out a plastic tub and filled it with clothing and accessories. Then I cleared out all of the bad karma from my closet and added those bags to the neat pile.
Awesome possum!
Ahhhhhh I feel like I’ll never really drop anything off thoughhhhhh.

move to San Francisco
Somethings gotta give.

Like a company.
Giving me a job.
So I am able to adequately save.

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