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Happiness Is.... (read all 18 entries…)
Happiness is...

...popping back in after an extended hiatus and finding everyone still here, lovely and progressing as ever.

Happiness Is.... (read all 18 entries…)
Happiness is...

...catching myself doodling hearts.

Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful. (read all 39 entries…)
I am so grateful...

...for so many things! Here’s a sneak peek:

♥ My brother and his brood made it home safely from their adventure.
♥ I got to sleep in my own cozy bed with my own cozy pillows last night. It was bliss.
♥ Overslept this morning, but knew it was ok because my boss is quite possibly the most understanding man on planet earth. I’m so grateful for my job.
♥ Church yesterday. Life-changing.
♥ I’m grateful for this goal… It has helped me to open my eyes and recognize the many wonderful things in my life. I don’t ever want to take the beauty in my life for granted. There is so much more good than bad, if we just look for it.

Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful. (read all 39 entries…)
Today I'm grateful

I’m so thankful for:

The new and really nice thing that’s going on in my life right now. Wherever it goes, I’m grateful for it.

Living in the right here and now.

Getting all the plants watered today.

Rain in the forecast for late tonight and tomorrow – it’s been dry for far too long.

I’m grateful that, as soon as I post this entry, I can curl up and take a nap. And that’s what I’m going to do.

Write down my stories (read all 40 entries…)
Turkey Lurkey

Good news on the turkey!

I talked with my brother this morning, and he tells me the turkey has ‘gone broody.’ Apparently she’s got a maternal instinct that doesn’t quit, and that combined with the total lack of guy turkeys in the pen makes her one unhappy turkey. She’s got a plight I can relate to. ;)

BigBrother’s instructions were to just let her be and he’ll sneak some chicken eggs under her when he gets home so she can adopt some baby chicks and teach them how to be good little churkeys. Turkens? Barnyard fowls.

Apparently the same trick has worked in the past, and he likes the chickens she raises because she teaches them to forage for their own food better than just plain chickens, which saves on the cost of chicken feed.

Ok, it’s time for confession: I kind of love this life.

I always thought my brother was nuts for having his little farmette and his poor dear family had to suffer through dealing with the work load brought on by his quirky personality… I was so wrong! There’s something really wonderful about walking outside at night and seeing the stars in the sky, about waking up in the morning, walking out the door (in a sleep-deprived stupor) and being awakened by the smell of grass and the sound of birds and horses neighing next door, and chicks chirping. There’s a special kind of relaxation and sense of achievement that sets in after checking on the bunnies and closing the chicken coop and coming inside for the night, which I had never experienced in my normal life.

I’m exhausted because my social life didn’t get the memo that this week was going to consist of lots of early mornings, but I’m happy. Looking forward to my fluffy pillows, and my slippers and my late mornings. But it’s been a great week!

Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful. (read all 39 entries…)
I've let this slip for too long...

...and today I’m grateful for:

♥ farm-fresh eggs
♥ that the turkey I was concerned about has reappeared
♥ conversations that last deep into the night
♥ seeing an opportunity to make someone’s life a happier place
♥ hope
♥ resilience
♥ sunny mornings and star-lit nights

Write down my stories (read all 40 entries…)
The turkey lives!

The giant oaf of a dog and I were out this morning, water the plants, feeding the chickens, etc etc, and I noticed him sniffing around over by the horseradish and generally looking suspicious… I went to investigate, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the missing turkey! She didn’t get up off her nest, and she wouldn’t let either myself or the dog near her, so I’m thinking either she’s protecting her eggs or she’s injured.

I eyeballed her as best I could without upsetting her too much and didn’t find any signs of wounds, and I’d think that if some evil varmint got her, they’d have gotten her all the way.

I’m really really hoping that she’s just guarding a bunch of eggs.

In any event, I’m glad she’s alive!

Does anyone who knows anything about the secret lives of turkeys have any advice on what I should do now? Do I just let her alone, do I check her for wounds, put her back in the chicken pen where she’s supposed to be?

I did scatter some of the feed over by her so she can get to it without moving too much, and I cursed my lack of farm knowledge.

Write down my stories (read all 40 entries…)
Farm Update

I believe the farm and I may have called a tentative peace-fire.

Really the only thing that makes minding my brother’s farmette unbearable is the dog. And it’s not the dog’s fault… He’s used to a house full of activity and scurry and rocks to chase and kids to play with and noise and energy. My brother’s got six kids ranging in age from 12 down to 1, and the newest is expected in early September – there’s always something going on at that house. The dog’s in and out all day and life is grand for him.

When I’m there, it’s all quite different. I get up in the morning, let him out of his cage, give him his food, and growl at him because I’ve not had my coffee yet and he’s jumping on me. I let him outside and mostly ignore him while I take care of the chickens and bunnies. Then I let him back in, close the door, and go to work. He’s alone all day. I come home, he – literally – pounces on me, scratches me with his claws of doom, nearly knocks me over because he’s huge, and I’m annoyed again. I take care of the chickens and bunnies and head back out (it’s been a very busy week, socially, with engagements every night except last night that I absolutely couldn’t get out of). I get home late, exhausted, let him out, for a minute, put him back in his cage, and go to bed. It’s no wonder the poor thing is spastic!

I’ve decided that next time my brother and his brood leave town, I’ll watch the place, but for my sake AND the dog’s, he’s gotta find another place for him to stay.

Anyway, all that was to say that last night I got to the homestead and stayed there. Threw rocks for the dog to chase (I never knew dogs would literally chase rocks – this one does!), groomed him a bit (which he loved), threw sticks for him to chase, and tried to get him some exercise for a few hours. And – wonder of wonders – when I put him in his cage, he yipped for a very short while and then went to sleep.

Also, I noticed a little door-type contraption that could be closed over the opening in the hen-house that allows the chickens into the pen. I closed it because the night before, I suspect there was a predator – or at least, something had the chickens all freaked out yesterday morning.

Here’s the story on that: The chickens have been all very well behaved, and even the rooster doesn’t have a problem with me coming in the coop to gather eggs and coming in the pen to refill water and whatnot. Yesterday morning, however, the chickens were all jittery and nervous, and the rooster tried to attack me when I came in to gather eggs. By yesterday afternoon, everyone had settled back to their usual peaceful selves. In any event, I found the door-type contraption and closed it over their opening last night after everyone was in the coop.

And – wonder of wonders – the rooster did NOT crow this morning at 4:30am. In fact, I didn’t hear a sound out of him until I started making noise around the yard, feeding and watering the rabbits.

So… all of that to say: we’re settling into a nice routine and if only I could clone myself or hire a band of gypsies to stay at the house and play with the dog all day, all would be blissful country life.

Oh, wait! One more thing! Some time ago, they added a brood of turkeys to their farmette, and quickly decided against keeping that enterprise going. The turkeys fly out of the pen and invade the neighbor’s yard, much to the neighbor’s irritation, and so it was decided that they’d be phased out. There’s one remaining turkey, and she’s so pretty and docile that you can’t help but love her. Well… she’s not been seen since Tuesday morning.

I got a phone call from my brother (who, along with his brood, is very much enjoying his stay on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula) this morning, and he told me where she usually hides her eggs. When I get home this afternoon, I’m to check for eggs and signs of her. The suspicion is that whatever spooked the chickens Tuesday night probably got the turkey. He’s not upset because she had to be processed anyway, but I’d be so sad if she’s gone – I’m hoping she’s just off doing whatever turkeys do when they go exploring, and she shows back up soon.

And that… dear patient friends… sums up my stay on the farm thus far.

It’s really not a farm at all – just a little plot of land in the country where my brother raises some of his own food. But it feels like a farm compared to my tidy house in the suburbs where the chicken comes in packages and the water doesn’t smell like eggs.

(Did I mention? Well water. Sulfur. Brushing my teeth is NOT a pleasant experience out there.)

Happiness Is.... (read all 18 entries…)
Happiness is...

...a pedicure appointment set for after work, and nothing else on the agenda for tonight.

Write down my stories (read all 40 entries…)
The dog

was still barking in his crate at 1am. The rooster started crowing at 4:30. I did manage to ignore the rooster and get some more sleep, but I’m done with this.

The dog and the rooster really need to talk so they can coordinate schedules better!

Write down my stories (read all 40 entries…)
My head aches...

...and I’ve not been sleeping much. When I do sleep, I sleep very well, however.

This week, I’m farm-sitting for my brother while he and his brood are off enjoying vacation. The chickens and turkeys and roosters and bunnies were all well-behaved this morning.

The giant oaf of a dog… not so much. I despise that beast. He’s half Newfoundland, half Labrador, and all energy. He’s huge and still thinks he’s a puppy and so he jumps up and scratches and generally makes a nuisance of himself until I give up and throw him out of the house.

All in all, though, life is grand and very, very busy.

Do the Couch to 5k running plan (read all 16 entries…)
Brighton 5k

So I participated in my first 5k event this morning!

Lots of fun, and looking forward to doing another one, with better time!

Do the Couch to 5k running plan (read all 16 entries…)
Week 7!

Not only did we finish week seven this morning, but we even managed to increase our speed by two-tenths of a mile per hour!

: )

reach my goal weight (read all 27 entries…)

I’ve lost 20% of my planned 20 lbs by Aug. 4.

Onward and upward! (or downward…)

Write down my stories (read all 40 entries…)
So I think just possibly...

...I might have met a guy.

The timing isn’t the greatest, but is it ever?

Time will tell.


Do the Couch to 5k running plan (read all 16 entries…)
Meeska Mouska!

So my sister and I went out yesterday for our first 25 minute run. It was 85 degrees, and I’d slept 3 hours the night before. I’d also been too busy to think much about food so I’d consumed 500 calories all day.

Wound up speed walking most of the way because:
  1. slept three hours the night before
  2. ate 500 calories all day (honestly just got busy & didn’t make time to eat)
  3. it was still 85 degrees when we went out at 10pm

Lesson learned: take better care of myself!

Host a dinner party
What started out... an old friend coming over for dinner has grown into a full-scale girls-night-in dinner party!

The gal who started the ball rolling can’t come, but I’ve since added seven of my closest friends to the invite list, and four are coming for sure.

We’ll start with veggies and an avacado/yogurt dip I’ve been wanting to try, then for dinner I’m making grilled romaine salads, grilled salmon, and a rice pilaf. Dessert will be grilled peaches over ice cream.

Since the weather’s supposed to be amazing on Friday, we’re going to use the picnic table out back and I’ll get a few tea-light candles set up for after the sun goes down. It’ll be my inaugural party in my back-yard, where I’ve been dying to have a cookout all summer!

Tonight I’m trying out some mocktail recipes I found because most of us are tee-totalers, but I still want to have some fun drinks.

Super excited!

Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful. (read all 39 entries…)
Tuesday 6/26/12

♥ I am grateful for real and true friends
♥ I am grateful for sunshine and summer breezes
♥ I am grateful that my friend who’s been trying to get pregnant is finally expecting! :)
♥ I am grateful for open windows
♥ I am grateful for Monk – he cracks me up

Happiness Is.... (read all 18 entries…)
Happiness is...

... living fully and completely in the present.

Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful. (read all 39 entries…)
Monday, 6/25/12

I am grateful for:

♥ AwesomeSister to run with
♥ Nephews who dissolve into giggles at a moment’s notice
♥ AwesomeSister & BIL bringing home goodies for me from their date, after I babysat the boys all night
♥ One of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve seen in a looong time
♥ Feeling like things are settling down a bit

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