Finish my mosaic project

The 5-foot-diameter circular garden mosaic turned out beautifully. Now it’s time to start another mosaic…

Have a baby

This project is well under way – my first child is due in March!

attend the Seattle International Film Festival (read all 2 entries…)

I saw better films in the 2004 festival, but it was still a blast.

Build a new MS Exchange 2003 server and migrate mailboxes

The new Exchange server has been running happily for several months now. The only snag was encountering the 16 GB mailbox store limit in the Standard Edition (we had to upgrade).

Read the newspaper daily

I find this so worthwhile that I get up an extra half hour early so I can wake up slowly while absorbing the news.

Visit the Grand Canyon

It’s cool! I went in September when it wasn’t so crowded (but it was cold). The proportions of things are fairly mind-blowing.

attend the Seattle International Film Festival (read all 2 entries…)
Schedules are out!

The schedule came out yesterday, and I spent a bunch of time with pens and highlighters choosing the movies I want to see. My preliminary schedule includes 16 movies, not counting the Secret Festival (which I might want to do for the first time this year).

Have my own Domain Name
Dodge spam, have more fun

I love having my own domain. It has the obvious benefit of making my website and email address easier for people to remember. I can also dodge spam by signing up with a different email address for every website (then I know who sold my name and can block that address).

I’d recommend taking it a step farther and hosting your own mail and web server, if you can.

Get a gmail account
Got it for the cool factor - don't really use it

Since I have my own domain, having a gmail account is kind of extraneous. I had to make sure I was the one who got my usual account name there, though, and I do use it occasionally. I also want to support Google’s efforts to improve the free webmail arena.

start using (read all 2 entries…)
Getting started is a lot of work

Argh. After all the helpful suggestions people gave me, I got motivated to get started on this. It’s not going so well, though…

I took dthree’s advice and got set up with, which is a pretty nice bookmark manager, although a bit slow-running. The premise was that it would sync with, but I found out too late that it only syncs NEW “spurled” bookmarks, not imported ones.

So now I have a very lovely and organized master collection of bookmarks on Spurl, which is progress, at least.

However, I still face the hurdle of getting them into AND getting them all tagged. I’m the kind of keener who will probably see this through, but I don’t think is going to catch on with Joe Average until it’s more automated.

Also, from where I stand, I’m not sure I understand all the benefits of using I’m pursuing it on faith for the time being.

start using (read all 2 entries…)
Import existing bookmarks (IE)?

I haven’t found any information out there to help me automate the import of my existing bookmarks in Internet Explorer (on XP). I have a ton, and entering them manually in is a big enough hurdle that I’d probably just forgo it altogether.

(Please, keep your anti-IE sentiments to yourself. I use IE because I’m testing some plugins and don’t want to constantly run two browsers)

Thank you!



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