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read Control Theory by William Glasser
Started this today

I read the first 3 chapters.

We are driven to satisfy our basic psychological needs which are encoded in our genes:
The need to belong—to love, share, and cooperate
The need for power
The need for freedom
The need for fun

There is a constant conflict between our separate needs, which we have to resolve.

We have to “respect and not frustrate others in fulfilling what is basic to them”.

We all have a bank of pictures or perceptions in our heads of things that we believe will satisfy our needs, and we seek the real-life versions of these pictures.

eat healthy (read all 3 entries…)
First day

I had my first go at making socca for lunch. Next time, make batter a bit thinner so it spreads more easily in the pan, divide batter in half and cook in two batches. Let the batter rest at room temperature too.

I bought some brazil nuts from the bulk bins, and had 2 as a snack mid-afternoon. The socca kept me satisfied throughout the afternoon, it seems as filling as my usual flatbread.

Savoury French toast for tea.

eat healthy (read all 3 entries…)
Go nuts

I’m going to eat more nuts, starting today, starting with 2 Brazil nuts a day…increase later to 42g a day.

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