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  4. 4. get married
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  5. 5. destress
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de-stress (read all 2 entries…)
Now life-coached into stress relief...

A couple of sessions with my new life coach and I’m along the way to dealing with some big issues. I’ve sorted out some career priorities and have started working on some of the mental beating up I’ve been giving myself. Doing quite a bit of NLP-style reprogramming and even trying out some EFT-style tapping! I’m also exploring some dietary solutions and have just committed to a period of detoxing to kick things off.


get married
once bitten, twice shy?...

...that’s me.

The first attempt (though it felt more certain than that at the time) didn’t end well. And I do try hard to learn from mistakes. Which is why I haven’t “gone there” since.

But time has a funny habit of eroding such stoney bariers to trying again.

And having a partner to share the good and the bad in life is much more fun…

I think I’m talking myself into this, what do you think?

(BTW, can you hear a funny sortof tuneful clanging noise in your ears? What the heck’s that?!...)

de-stress (read all 2 entries…)
Why so stressed?...

the sacred art of “no”... the work-life (in)balance… mental self-beating…

Whatever the underlying cause, stress is sky-high, certainly in the western world, don’t you think?

Whatever happened to the tempting prospect of the three-day working week, the paperless office and the new life filled with leisure hours more than you know how to fill?

Well… nothing. So much promise, so little delivery.

I find myself chasing my tale more that the childhood dafty known as Dill The Dog from the beloved “Herbs”.

So, I will (re)learn “NO” and I will tip the scales to “LIFE” and I will stop swearing and shouting (mentally) at myself all the time, you stupid, no-good, $**#!!!


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