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Organize old photos, digital photos, print and frame photos, etc.
Too many photos

The problem with digital photography is the volume of photos you end up with at the end. I need to spend a weekend sorting through my photographs, putting those I want developed on to a CD, putting prints into photo albums and uploading some on to the web to share with friends and family.

read, read, and read some more
Read more

I’ve neglected my reading over the past year or so and want to get back into reading on a regular basis.

Get a PhD
Undertake a PhD in Egyptology

I would like to undertake a PhD in Egyptology and round off my education, but the cost is a big problem. There isn’t much funding in the field and I would likely have to find or borrow the money myself. This is probably more of a long-term thing I’d like to do.

I might take the course on a part-time basis and work, although this will mean an extra two years added to the time to complete it. Alternatively I might look into an MPhil in the subject as a stepping stone.

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