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  1. 1. re-learn how to ride a bike
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  2. 2. lose weight and keep it off
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  3. 3. learn Java
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  4. 4. eat healthier
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  5. 5. be more confident
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  6. 6. make more friends
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  7. 7. use 43Things with GTD in mind
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  8. 8. see the northern lights
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  9. 9. learn gaelic
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How I did it
How to move to yorkshire
It took me
18 months
It made me
happy and content

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move to yorkshire (read all 3 entries…)

Currently in the middle of my move to a nice little cottage in the North Yorkshire countryside. Yay!

move to yorkshire (read all 3 entries…)

Three days after I wrote that last update, I was told I was going to be made redundant in three months if I hadn’t found another job before then. I figured: why wait? So I’ve found a job in Yorkshire, and move as soon as possible. Sometimes life is that simple.

move to yorkshire (read all 3 entries…)

I enjoy hill walking, but currently live in East Anglia.

So I’m currently looking for a job up there even though this isn’t exactly the best time to look for work.

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