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learn to dance and not be embarrased to dance
With an emphasis on the Learn to Dance part

Until very recently I had no problem being dragged to the dance floor and “grooving to the music”, especially if it were a crowded club where there wasn’t every much space to move anyway. Then, one day, out of curiously, I danced in front of my full-length mirror at home. the Horror! Why is it that dancers in music videos make it look so easy? And why didn’t anyone tell me I looked ridiculous emulating people with rhythm?

Lose 20 pounds by New Year's Eve

With 92 days until NYE, if I aim to lose just 1/4th of a pound per day, I’ll reach this goal. This means utilizing approximately 825 more calories a day, whether it be from increasing exercise or decreasing food intake…that doesn’t seem too difficult...does it? The cover of this month’s Shape magazine (or was it Fitness ?) promises to reveal “Easy Ways to Lose 500 Calories”. I’ll read it at the gym tomorrow (day 1, wahoo) and update this with feasible suggestions.

Despite being a math major, I often get my numbers wrong, so here’s the disclaimer for the above logic (oh, and also that weight-loss is hard!).


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