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watch every episode of lost

I got the first season and most of the second season on DVD from somone on eBay. Took up two days, but it was fun. Good way to spend the weekend.

Finish knitting my first scarf

I just learned how to knit yesterday, and I’ve already done about fifty rows since then. I’ve missed about four stitches so far – but, what the heck, it’s my first time knitting, right? lol :o)

study for pathology

Don’t even know why I bothered. Finished the damned thing before most other people in the class, and I know I aced it.

No big thing…

Edit Just edited to say: Got the highest grade in the class. Not that it matters (ie, my editing this) because I highly doubt anyone will read this. This is just for my own amusement and gratification.

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