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  1. 1. Lose 30 pounds
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  2. 2. Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working
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  3. 3. be lean
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  4. 4. eat healthier
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  5. 5. Stop caring what other people think of me
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  6. 6. Develop a healthy body image
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  7. 7. Have 3 kids
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  8. 8. get good grades this semester
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  9. 9. make more friends
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  10. 10. Grow in Christ
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  11. 11. stop binge-eating
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  12. 12. Practice yoga regularly
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  13. 13. Fall in love
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  14. 14. enjoy college
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Lose 30 pounds

I want to get really skinny.
I believe there is something in me that I can just do, and naturally the weight will come off (ie, only eating when I am hungry, eating vegetables and fruit).
I am 5’6”, 143 pounds and sick of it.
Its time to lose that fat!!!
113 is my goal.

Fall in love

Love is a battlefield.

Practice yoga regularly

What kinds of poses do ya’ll do on a daily basis?
What are some of your favorite poses?

I would very much like to find time to do even a little bit of yoga every day. I find that a nice forward bend, back bend, cat, downward dog, and upward dog really do the trick and leave me feeling relaxed, strengthened, and with a looser spine. I really need to practice this more often.


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