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  1. 1. do 100 pushups
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  2. 2. Sleep well
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  3. 3. Stop over thinking everything
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Stop over thinking everything

Sometimes it’s a good thing but i always do it. I need to learn to trust my instincts and be more spontaneous, to stop trying to do every little thing perfect.

You can never know everything and you can never be sure of anything. So why waste soooo much energy for this ? I need to live and not try to analize every little thing while life passes by me.

Sleep well

It’s been going on for some years now. I didn’t really care at first but i’m starting to see the effects not only in my health but in my mood and physical shape. I spend alot of time at night at my pc and i don’t even feel tired because i always find something to distract me.

If i really want to keep in shape i need to do this.

do 100 pushups

started doing this 1 month ago using the program. Sometimes i’m too tired or just not in shape and i’m not making any progress but i’m happy that at least i’m trying to.

At first i was only able to do 35 or so and now after 4 weeks of practicing i’m able to do 45-50. It’s not much but it’s something and it feels great to have more strenght in my arms.


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