be cheerful regardless of any situation

this is so hard to do!!!
i need help!!!!

be happy as much as possible before life ends

its comforting to know that most of my life is filled with joy….
for one thing unhappiness would have contributed a huge part in my death…and would have left a sad impression on people that i love the most

be an adult regardless of childish feelings

Ive got to learn how to handle a situation where someone has to be the adult….i keep thinking how some things are so unfair, pouting, sulking like a 2 year old would, well no one can take care of my own problems and yes, sulking just doenst solve anybody’s problems…hopefully i can swallow my pride and take things as it is and move on

keep thinking happy thoughts

sometime i drown my brain with negativity, so much that its overtakes my body, its so easy doing that! even pores leak this stinkiness from me…it really does repel happy people away….

communicate better

got to watch my words…sometimes i dont know if things i say could hurt….got to express what is really going on instead of bottling things up…hopefully i get better at this….hopes of keeping my sanity…



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