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  1. 1. get in shape
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  2. 2. warcraft
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  3. 3. feng
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  4. 4. take massage lessons
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  5. 5. learn massage
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  6. 6. reiki
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  7. 7. learn french
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  8. 8. become a millionaire
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  9. 9. lose weight
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  10. 10. LEARN CSS
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  11. 11. make money
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  12. 12. declutter
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be more organized
Even changing your shelving helps

When we moved into our new house we found that all the closets had wire shelves, which was fine, but the support system forced them to be a couple feet apart. So we installed a different shelf support system and doubled the available shelves. It’s also more modular, if we have to move things around.

And isn’t it amazing how much stuff you get rid of when you move?

We also tried the “less is more” technique. Remove everything from a small area, box it up, and only replace stuff as you need it. This helps immensely with decluttering and it’s amazing how much stuff never comes back out of those boxes, especially if it’s decorations.

hit level 60 in World of Warcraft
WoW at 60 or 70

It always seems to be easier to build my own team than try to get into an existing one. Let’s me be a bit pickier, too. Solo play isn’t bad, but it really helps to have a guide. Grinding for the gold is a pain, tho, thank goodness for the Auction House.

I found some gold tips here and there are a bunch of cool videos on YouTube for all kinds of WoW stuff.

get to level 60 on World of Warcraft.
Getting to 60 (or 70) is worth it, if...

If you have no life…
If you love the game…
If you like to finish big projects…
If you write guides telling people how to do it…
Or if you just want to see what’s on the other side of that next level.

Of course, doing it more than once can get a little dull… ;)

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