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Remain close to my children
Four unique souls

I am blessed with four unique souls the Creator has lent to me as my children. Through raising them, I have learned sooo much and become a better, more tolerant and patient person. The most important lesson I have learned is how little I really know and understand in the natural and spiritual world.

I even had the pleasure of homeschooling each of them at one time or other. Learning together with family is so basic. Is not the family the first and most important teacher?

These four souls have made the biggest impact on me as a person. They awakened in me an awareness of both the incredible opportunities and the challenging limitations of my own humanity, and that of others.

I enjoy four unique relationships with four very distinctive and impressive people I call my sons and daughter. I hope to remain close with them beyond forever.

experience skydiving again
Skydiving in mid-life

I once tried skydiving as a very young woman. I think I would love to be courageous enough to throw caution to the wind and enjoy that experience again. With more life under my belt, I think I could savor it all the more.


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