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For WN’s significant birthday, we stayed in Sonoma for a couple nights sans the chum. The first night we went to The Girl and the Fig, which was wonderful as always (makes me fondly remember emelle and family’s visit). The second night we went to Estate, a new sister restaurant to the previously mentioned.

Whereas TGATF is french influence cuisine, Estate is Italian influenced-and decidedly as good. We started with the Appetizers for the Table – an assortment of six appetizers selected by the chef. All were delightful and not otherwise listed on the regular menu (anchovy and buffalo mozzarella, tuna, fried parmigiana cheese balls w/pea pesto, roast onions with balsamic vinegar, garbanzo spread with bruschetta, cured olives).

With that, cocktails- a Bellini for her and a Sazerac for myself.

For entres, she had the sweet potato gnocchi and I had the marscapone stuffed chicken-at least that’s what I think cheese wise.

While the space was a little noisy, the food was fantastic.

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Calling this done

Getting paid for a rather large commercial gig on an on-going basis. We’ll call that professional. Time to figure out a different photo goal that is much more meaningful.

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Small Progress

I’ve sat down and plowed through MS Money’s budget software. We’ve got years of data but good ole Microsoft doesn’t use it the way I thought it would. So there is much tweaking to be done. But it’s a start.

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