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Fund 43 microloans through (read all 15 entries…)
a whole lotta loans

With all the funds kiva has returned from the partially completed loans I was able to easily start 8 more and go from 35 to 43.

Well worth the effort of sticking to this and making regular contributions. I think that I’ve committed a more than trivial amount of capital to this project and although sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re really making a difference, I don’t think there are many better ways than by giving people the opportunity to help themselves.

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10. Cobra

10. Cobra : di Andrew Klavan This is a translation of an english book, it’s one of those true crime stories about an incident that happened around the San Francisco Bay Area, mostly in Berkeley / Oakland. It’s about a renegade gang of bikers and their crime sprees, the wayward daughter of a rich local resident (Honey Graham) who takes up with the gang. The father has aspirations to run for government and can’t have his daughter going around causing scandals so he hires a private investigator who is every bit as rough as the bikers to infiltrate the gang and rescue his daughter. Amid all the drama the twist is that the daughter is playing nearly everyone and is a cold blooded killer. All in all it was entertaining enough, if a bit tawdry.

Fund 43 microloans through (read all 15 entries…)
4 more, up to 31 total now

28. Sofia Sulca Aguirre’s Group (business id=43711)
29. Leonidas Herrera (business id=40619)
30. Rosalba Guadalupe Cuesta Juarez (business id=44014)
31. Juana Quispe Quise’s Group (business id=43745)

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