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  1. 1. be so content and kind
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  2. 2. create happy memories
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  3. 3. get out of debt
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  4. 4. Be the best Mum I can be
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  5. 5. let others find happiness
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stop being a bitch

just realised that its my craziness and controlling that drives a wedge between me and the world, creating fear and mistrust and just plain pain and confusion. learning that i have these traits is depressing but knowledge and admission is part of the solution, learning to give up control and ask for help from my higher power is important nay vital. im not the boss a loving caring god is. and for that i am truly grateful

go to New York

After my granny died, my very kind sister lent me the fare to go and on my first day i went to harlem after the flight was delayed 10 hours taking off, slept well that night, next day walked from one end of central park to to the other,all the way to times square, and waited outside the theatre to see a play with Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell in it, written by Martin McDonagh.I wasnt there more than five minutes when the side door opened , and Sam Rockwell came out with a friend, and then a black car pulls up and Christopher Walken gets out and walks past me. I didnt know whether to bow kneel, curtsey or throw up. It was brilliant my first 24 hours .And i never got mugged . ate tacos in the village, took the subway after midnight, and the free ferry and joined the New York library. My library card is my favourite souvenir. signed programme for A behanding in Spokane anyone?

find somewhere to live

cannot remember how long ive been looking for a place at least ten years now. always short term solutions turn out disastrous one way or another , time to grow up and put some roots down – but where? and now ive been her e a year . i decided to stop worrying and head to New york seeing as i didnt have anywhere to worry about paying rent on, and sort it out when i came back. I was back less than two weeks when i found this plsce. I reckon I owe NYC and my sister and my mum and brother and aunt and son and Dad a huge debt. |Thank you for helping me get to here. Love you love gus.


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