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  1. 1. Keep a journal
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  2. 2. remember to brush my teeth
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  3. 3. do sun salutations every morning
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  4. 4. learn Russian
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  5. 5. eat healthier food
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  6. 6. become a runner
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  7. 7. Learn to knit
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learn Russian (read all 2 entries…)

собака= dog, I’m learning!

eat healthier food
Test Trial

So I’m going to try to eat healthy for a week. No junk or processed foods like crackers with cheese already between them. Stuff with very few ingrediants. I want to know how it will feel and how hard it actually is. Wish me luck!

learn Russian (read all 2 entries…)
Rosetta Stone

I have Russian Rosetta Stone, so I’ll start there! I’ve learned a few nouns, nothing major. Cat, dog, car, plane, etc. Nothing major. I’m trying though!

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