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make a game

I once worked for a startup gaming company. I really enjoyed the programming, but they were asking for too much out of too few people (we had a lot, but few were pulling thier wieght, fewer were doing decent enough work), in too short of time.

So it didn’t turn out well.
But i really wanna work on one again, specially if it means no clients to deal with.


Wearing a darth vader helmet doesn’t really count for me.
I gotta try harder!

live on my own

Well not worth the ‘own’ part. I have lived with a roommate, and lived on my own, and I definatly think, even with a bad roommate, its better than on your own.

Other than the social and friendship items, there’s the major thing that if you are ever in an accident, there’s a good chance the roommate will notice (own your own people will only notice after a few days of missed work type things)

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