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get rid of my acne (read all 5 entries…)

Okay..so for the past day my face has been ETREMELY dry.Like peeling, this is due to the BP but also because i was with my friend all weekend and neglected to moisterize my face

Guess i learned my leason

get rid of my acne (read all 5 entries…)
DKR regimen

Its been almost one week into this regimen(6 days) and i swear its like a miracle
My active acne is wayy down and a lot of it now is just red marks, which will hopefully fade in 6-12 months or sooner.The only problem im having with the regimen is dry skin and the skin around my eyes seem to be getting very sensitive. I think most of the dry skin is due to Neutrogena on the spot since it has oil absorbers in it leaving my face VERy tight and dry during the day.So tight in fact ive decided to lower the amount i use to half a finger instead of a full fingers worth. But i heard the DKR BP gel wont leave your face as tight/dry and is just better in general so i have ordered that from the site.
Ive also ordered Complex 15 lotion for my face as ive heard it is very hydrating and good for sensitive skin(like around my eyes). And on a mission to find Jojoba oil to help the flakes.Sometimes i wake up looking like an aligator!its pretty bad

Not to mention ive purchased Bare Minerals makeup to replace my potentially pore clogging make up i have at the moment.
&Im looking into buying Zinc&B5 supplements from GNC.

Im determined to finally get rid of my acne!Wish me luck :)

-To learn about the DKR regimen visit Acne.org

get rid of my acne (read all 5 entries…)
Dan Kern's Regimen

2 days ago i started this regimen and already im seeing major improvement in my face! My forehead is smoothing, the painful pimples on my chin are almost completely flat, and the only kind of pimple left on my face now are a few small under the skin pimples and whiteheads-which dont bother me that much. I really think this regimen works wonders and will update on how its going in 1-2 weeks.
the only con is that your face is going to be dry at first if your not used to BP, just make sure to moisturize!

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