Start my own business
Crafting as a stay-at-home-mom business

I really want to start my own craft (mostly crochet as that is my specialty) business, but im not sure where to start or how to go about it. Another thought, is to maybe open up a Yarn Crafters store in my hometown here, and have a sitting area for people (yes, men crochet and knit too.) to work on their projects, drink coffee and gab. I need some input. Help!

learn to knit socks
Crocheting it just so much more fun.

I like crocheting more.

knit a sweater
Crocheting it just so much more fun.

I have to say that I really don’t like to knit. I totally prefer to crochet. Maybe I just don’t have the patience, or maybe I’m just a cop-out, but I LOVE TO CROCHET!

Get a gym membership (read all 2 entries…)
Goodlife Fitness

Since I was determined not to join a unisex gym as the men stare at you. I joined an all-ladies gym, with child-minding and it has by far been the most enjoyable, fullfilling experience of my life (other than having my son of course). But I highly recommend that all women out there who have low self-confidence to just go and give an all-ladies gym a try. I never though I could be one of those people who actually ENJOYED working out. I thought it was for crazy people. But it is so addictive. I love it, and everyone should own a gym membership.

Spend new years eve in an exotic location
Exotic places

I would love to spend New Year’s Eve in a place like Brazil or London

Get a gym membership (read all 2 entries…)
Men judge you with their eyes

I decided i do not like going to a public gym. men judge you with their eyes. i dont feel comfortable there. so i think im going to try an all-womans gym.

see the northern lights
Calgary, Alberta

I live in an area that sees the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) on occasion, when the weather conditions are just right. They’re absolutely mystifying, they get you in a trance, like watching the licks of a campfire. More people should come to Canada just to see the light show.

learn to crochet amigurumi
Cat Toys

I made our cats some mouse toys. They are so cute! and the cat loves them. Very easy to make. I got the pattern from a crochet website. I have the pattern for those who want it.



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