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have a social life
The boredom is killing me!

I had a social life at one time. Then I got married and started spending all of my time at home with my wife. (She didn’t ever want to go out so I lost touch with everybody.) Then I got divorced and moved to a new city. Now I know very few people and the people I know don’t seem to want to do anything with me. I really need to make some friends here. Before I was married, I had a group of people that I saw or at least talked to every day. Now, people who call themselves my close friends don’t return my calls for weeks. Staying home alone gets very boring very fast. Sometimes it can get unbearable. I have friends and they always tell me “You do have friends. You have us.” and so-on but we never actually do anything together. They always have other plans. I’m horrible at meeting people. I need to relearn that whole small-talk thing. Sometimes I feel kind of desperate.

go into space
More of a long-term goal, but a must.

I don’t think I’ll be doing this anytime soon (or in the near future) because of the cost, but once Virgin Galactic lowers their fares, which they say they’ll do once they’ve been operating for a while, (or if they get competition) I’m booking a flight on the next spaceship! I simply cannot die having never done this. At one time, flying in an airplane was considered a luxury for the rich and privileged.

be prescribed adderall again
I was on it for years. Now I want it back.

I switched from Adderall (60mg) to Vyvanse (a new amphetamine, made by the same company) two months ago. The Adderall worked much better. I have a new doctor now who doesn’t seem to be up on ADHD treatments (he asked me how to spell “Vyvanse” while writing me a script), but I don’t know if he’ll switch me back. I may need to see another ADHD specialist. I think the mix of amphetamines in Adderall worked better than Vyvanse (which only has dextroamphetamine). Shire Pharmaceutical seems to really be pushing Vyvanse now, since the patent on Adderall XR expired. My life just hasn’t been the same since the drug change.

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