is getting ready to move

visit Greece

Always wanted to see the greek isles

buy new tv
i am on my own again

need a samsung flatscreen

get a kitten
Actually 2

I’m going to adopt two kittens from the shelter.

Name them Flotsam and Jetsum

drink more water

As part of my main goal of doing at least one healthy thing per day, drinking an extra glass of water is one of them. Going to get one right now!

Fall in love
I'm ready

It’s time to open my heart back up and fall in love. I want to find a lifetime partner…

Visit Egypt
I want to see the Pyramids

I want to see Egypt, the pyramids as well as go on an African safari

Open my heart back up to Love
Love again

I have been very emotionally unavailable the past year after a devastating break up. I want to open my heart up and accept love again.



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